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LGBTQ Agenda: State orgs push for bipartisan LGBTQ civil rights legislation

LATEST NEWS | By John Ferrannini | Jan 25

Nine state LGBTQ rights organizations announced a new coalition aimed at getting civil rights protections enshrined in federal law in a bipartisan fashion before the midterm elections.

SFPD gay captain to oversee community engagement efforts

LATEST NEWS | By Matthew S. Bajko | Jan 20

The San Francisco Police Department has assigned its first out gay captain to oversee its Community Engagement Division.

Out in the World: Polish lawmakers pass anti-LGBTQ amendment to education law

LATEST NEWS | By Heather Cassell | Jan 20

Polish lawmakers in the country's lower house of parliament on January 13 voted 227-214 in favor of a bill that will increase government oversight of schools.

Stanford study finds hormone therapy positively impacts trans youth

LATEST NEWS | By Heather Cassell | Jan 20

Accessing hormone therapy to affirm gender identity as a transgender teen could mean better mental health in the long run than for those who wait until adulthood or never receive treatment, according to a new Stanford University study.

SFPD gay Captain Del Gandio makes history

NEWS | By Matthew S. Bajko | Jan 19

Captain Christopher Del Gandio has made history as the first out gay man to make that rank with the San Francisco Police Department. He is also currently the highest-ranking out LGBTQ police officer in the department.

News Briefs: CA historical panel to consider LGBTQ properties

NEWS | By Cynthia Laird | Jan 19

The California State Historical Resources Commission will hold a virtual meeting Friday, January 21, at 9 a.m. to consider several nominations for federal historical designation and one for state designation.

Letters to the editor

NEWS | By BAR staff | Jan 19

This week's letters to the editor opines about state Senator Scott Wiener's now-delayed intersex bill and his opposition in 2011 to SF's attempt to ban circumcision.

Editorial: Tech giants need to quash bogus conversion therapy disinformation

NEWS | By BAR Editorial Board | Jan 19

Two new reports by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism show that the giant tech and social media companies are failing to block conversion therapy disinformation.

Former SF professor, activist Stuart Loomis dies

NEWS | By Cynthia Laird | Jan 19

Longtime gay rights activist and retired San Francisco State University professor Stuart Loomis died January 17 in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he had lived for many years.

Arts & Culture

50 years in 50 weeks: Jake Shears' 2012 kiki

LIVE MUSIC | By Jim Provenzano | Jan 20

The year certainly had more 'important' arts and nightlife coverage, but Gregg Shapiro's June 2012 interview with Scissor Sisters front man Jake Shears brings back fond memories of their music.

Going Out, Homing's In Jan. 21-28, 2022

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Jim Provenzano | Jan 20

This is your arts and nightlife captain; please stand by as we navigate through abrupt closings, postponements —and even a few openings— around the Bay Area this week.

'The Gilded Age' - Julian Fellowes' new New York

TELEVISION | By Brian Bromberger | Jan 19

Julian Fellowes debuts his new long-awaited period drama series 'The Gilded Age' on HBO, a tale of an emerging new world at the height of New York City's industrial age, and the often merciless society members who ruled and invaded it, or tried to.

Lady Camden: former Smuin Ballet dancer on 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Philip Mayard | Jan 18

When Lady Camden sashayed into the spotlight for the first time on RuPaul's Drag Race in the Season 14 premiere, proudly proclaiming, "Hello, you sexy bitches!," drag aficionados got to meet one of Northern California's most uniquely talented queens.

Musical moments: 'The Band's Visit' and 'Freestyle Love Supreme'

THEATER | By Jim Gladstone | Jan 18

San Francisco stages are now hosting two of the more unorthodox musicals to hit big on Broadway in recent years, one subtle and poetic ('The Band's Visit'), the other boisterous and participatory ('Freestyle Love Supreme').

Latinx love: Edgar Gomez' 'High-Risk Homosexual'

BOOKS | By Jim Piechota | Jan 18

In his outstanding new coming-of-age memoir, Florida-born queer Latinx author Edgar Gomez navigates a modest 13-year-old adolescence dominated by poverty and cultural machismo.


Fierce competition: High Princx Pageant at Oasis

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jan 18

On January 22 and 29 eight seasoned drag entertainers will compete in The High Princx Pageant, a drag spectacular in which one performer will take home the High Princx Crown.

Going Out, Homing's In, Jan. 14-22, 2022

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Jim Provenzano | Jan 13

Oh my gosh, Omicron! We're keeping up to date on closings, postponements and persistent performances in arts and nightlife.

50 years in 50 weeks: 40th anniversary in 2011

BARS | By Jim Provenzano | Jan 12

In April 2011, the Bay Area Reporter celebrated its 40th anniversary with a mini-exhibit of vintage front pages, curated by photographer Rick Gerharter.

Transit tales: Johnny Townsend's 'Orgy At The STD Clinic'

BOOKS | By Jim Piechota | Jan 11

Johnny Townsend's new book chronicles the escapades of Todd Tillotson, a middle-aged, paunchy Seattle gay man and ex-Mormon riding the public transit bus in the present day pandemic while cruising for sex.

50 years in 50 weeks: BARtab's 2010 debut

NIGHTLIFE | By Jim Provenzano | Jan 6

When asked to create a nightlife spinoff mini-magazine for the Bay Area Reporter, it took editor Jim Provenzano only a few seconds to devise the title, BARtab. Putting out a monthly second publication took a lot more time.

Going Out, Homing's In, Jan. 7-15, 2022

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Jim Provenzano | Jan 5

We've got live theater and comedy, art exhibits in a diverse array of genres, plus movies, dance concerts or music shows in-person and online.