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Seeing in the Dark: The rise of D Lit in publishing

Seeing in the Dark: The rise of D Lit in publishing

By Belo Cipriani

In a chilly November afternoon in 2008, I tapped my white cane down Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, California and entered Pegasus Books.

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By Christina A. DiEdoardo | November 14, 2018

Just as Malcolm and Macduff gathered their forces for the final assault on Macbeth's castle, anti-fascists in San Francisco and around the country continue to rise regardless of the outcome of last week's midterm elections.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | November 7, 2018

My readers are all time travelers. For me, the 2018 midterm is still a moment in my near future, not a moment of the near past. I don't know the outcomes and can only make a somewhat educated guess about what's to come.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | October 31, 2018

In a week that began with the leak of the regime's plan to regulate trans and nonbinary Americans out of existence ... one sentence stays in my mind.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | October 24, 2018

Bleary-eyed, as the first streams of dawn's light appeared on the horizon, I checked in on my phone. It's a sort of daily ritual that I suspect I share with a large part of the world, as I try to get a sense of what's changed overnight by friendly voices

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | October 17, 2018

Other than the act itself, perhaps the most disgraceful aspect of the internment of Japanese-Americans in the Bay Area and elsewhere by the federal government in 1942 was the fact that most who were not of Japanese ancestry did nothing to protest.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | October 10, 2018

In April 2015, a year before the Departments of Justice and Education under President Barack Obama issued guidance to public schools clarifying that Title IX protected transgender students, a school district in Virginia faced a dilemma...

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | October 3, 2018

To many, the city of San Francisco has long gotten more credit for being a "progressive" municipal government than the actual deeds of its employees and elected officials would merit.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | September 19, 2018

As the hours crept toward dawn Friday, September 14, most of San Francisco was asleep. Some of those who weren't were making history in Civic Center next to the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | September 5, 2018

After more than a decade fighting for the people of Oakland, both in the streets and the halls of government, Cat Brooks decided to run for mayor after she saw first-hand how some of the city's most marginalized residents struggle to survive.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | August 22, 2018

In the Bay Area, actions at the start and end of the month provided stark examples of how much the situation has changed in a year - and why our tactics in countering the fascists need to change too.

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | August 15, 2018

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at an elementary school LGBTQ support group, where I shared my experiences as someone who is now as old as so many of the "community elders" I met when I was first coming out.

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | August 8, 2018

Oakland recently served as an example to the entire country on what intersectionality means in practice by bringing together activists from all over the Bay Area to defend not only a city, but the memory of one of its lost daughters.

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