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SF supervisors panel OKs gay bathhouse zoning update

SF supervisors panel OKs gay bathhouse zoning update

A proposed zoning change to allow gay bathhouses and other adult sex venues to open in the city's historic LGBTQ neighborhoods is close to being finalized.

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By Jim Provenzano | March 9, 2022

As we reach the end of our 50 short tributes to the Bay Area Reporter's five decades, let's take a moment to talk about sex, particularly the B.A.R.'s coverage of it, in abundance.

By Jim Piechota | February 1, 2022

If the best things come in small packages, the diminutive chapbook by author Nate Lippens should pack a punch, and it certainly does. This fictional excavation of a man's past through the dead friends and lovers he'd managed to survive is worth the ride.

By Jim Piechota | January 11, 2022

Johnny Townsend's new book chronicles the escapades of Todd Tillotson, a middle-aged, paunchy Seattle gay man and ex-Mormon riding the public transit bus in the present day pandemic while cruising for sex.

By John Ferrannini | December 31, 2021

"The world began to open up in 2021, and so did you," the dating app Grindr stated in a year-end report on user preferences, which revealed which countries have the most profiles of tops and bottoms, alongside other data.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | November 5, 2021

A long unseen gay cinema classic will screen at the Brava Theater on November 12. Arthur J. Bressan Jr.'s 1979 'Forbidden Letters' is an X-rated mood piece whose lead actors don't just have sex on camera, they make love.

By Michael Flanagan | November 1, 2021

Although he worked as a dancer, choreographer, and shop owner, Wakefield Poole is best known for his groundbreaking feature-length gay erotic films, particularly 'Boys in the Sand.'

By Steven Underhill | September 27, 2021

Health precautions included some changes to the traditions of the annual Folsom Street Fair, renamed Megahood 2021 to honor its original first iteration in 1984.

By Jim Provenzano | September 21, 2021

For anyone who misses having sex in a back alley, parking lot, or atop a bulldozer, the new hardcover book of photos by veteran photographer Mark I. Chester makes a perfect gift for Folsom time.

By David-Elijah Nahmod | September 21, 2021

Originally released in 1995, Michelle Handelman's documentary 'Bloodsisters: Leather, Dykes & Sadomasochism' educates and enlightens while preserving the history of San Francisco's lesbian BDSM community.

By Michael Flanagan | September 21, 2021

Being Folsom Week, we dive into the early roots of leather culture, specifically in California. 'The Life and Times of Larry Townsend: Saluting the 50th Anniversary of The Leatherman's Handbook,' by Jack Fritscher, is a festive romp.

By Jim Piechota | September 20, 2021

In this commanding, in-your-face debut memoir by Alexander Cheves, the author lays bare the "sins" of his past but he rightfully refuses to atone for them. Instead, a libidinous celebration of sorts takes place within these pages.

By Jim Provenzano | August 27, 2021

The Sept. 2 oniline B.A.R. Talk will be a conversation with Race Bannon, Scott Brogan, Gayle Rubin, Rich Stadtmiller and Graylin Thornton, who each have a longtime connection to the leather/kink community.

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