Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 48 / 26 November 2015

To reach consumers,
try online video marketing

Guest Opinion

Laurence Nathanson
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Online video marketing is drastically changing the way businesses are generating new leads and customers online. Until recently, local businesses and medical practices who used any form of online marketing primarily relied on their websites and possibly posts to their social media sites to generate new customers and patients. Savvy businesses hired an expert in search engine optimization, or SEO, to get their sites ranked on page one of Google, where prospective customers would then find them based on targeted keyword searches.

However, as YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the web with over 1 billion registered users, the online video tide has changed the way consumers obtain information. The majority of consumers today has broadband Internet access and are used to watching entertainment content on demand through services such as Netflix and Hulu. As a result, a large percent of the content that consumers access online is now video based.

Online video currently accounts for over 75 percent of all Internet content and this number is continuing to grow. In just the past week alone, 94 percent of consumers viewed an online video, and when a sample group was surveyed, most agreed that by watching a product or service focused online video, it had a big influence on their purchasing decisions.

This is great news from a marketing perspective. Online video marketing allows businesses to provide the most compelling and persuasive information to their prospective customers in the shortest amount of time. It is also the most successful electronic medium to building relationships.

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes to process text. Customer retention rates after viewing a website are only around the 10 percent range, while video provides a retention rate of greater than 50 percent.

In a study of 280 marketing, sales, and business professionals published in September 2015 by Ascend2, nearly all found that online video marketing was a successful medium to promoting their businesses. According to this group, one of the most cost effective videos to produce is the company profile video, which provides a short overview of what the business does and what it can offer to prospective customers or patients.

Companies and service providers are starting to realize that by having a video profile, they can create a much higher level of credibility and trust for a prospective customer compared with anything that customer will read on their website. Businesses that utilize online video marketing report sales increases of over 25 percent

How can online video marketing bring you more customers?

You may have the most compelling profile video, but if you are not delivering it to a targeted audience at the point that they are searching for your product or service, it is like having a great billboard in the middle of the desert with no traffic driving by to see it. Since most consumers today are viewing videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, to successfully generate new business, your video needs to be on these platforms too. Instead of thinking that prospects will watch your video on your website, you need to understand that your video should be used as a lead magnet to generate traffic to your site, and not the other way around.

Since Google owns YouTube, it gives preferential treatment to online videos that are optimized for relevant keywords on the Google search results page. Not only does this allow you to rank higher on the page, but a video result is also displayed with a video thumbnail, which generates over 42 percent more click-throughs than a regular webpage result.

Where most businesses fumble is that once they get the click-through to their website or online video, they expect the consumer to immediately make a purchase or book an appointment. The reality is that when most consumers land on a Google search results page, they are there primarily for one thing – to do research and not yet to make a purchase or get an appointment.

It takes on average of seven to 10 times for a consumer to see a repeated message for them to make a purchasing decision. This is the reason why we see television ads over and over again, because eventually, those of us that are inclined to purchase the product will do so. Therefore, the primary objective of the profile video should be to generate a lead, not make a sale or get a new customer or patient. Once you have the lead, then with a systematic approach over time, using an email or text marketing campaign, you can generate new business.

So, if you want to generate new customers on a monthly basis for your local business or medical practice, you need to incorporate a keyword optimized online video marketing campaign into your marketing mix. By doing this, you will be several steps ahead of your competition.


Laurence Nathanson is an internet marketing expert in San Francisco and runs Imagination Media, a video production and digital marketing agency that incorporates online video marketing along with several other customer acquisition strategies. Imagination Media produces high-impact, keyword-focused videos for businesses and medical practices seeking local customers, and then uses video search engine optimization (video SEO) to get the videos ranked on page one of Google.


The company utilizes several other customer acquisition strategies including: YouTube advertising, email marketing, text marketing, Facebook advertising, and other social media marketing techniques to convert leads into paying customers for its clients.


Contact Imagination Media today and mention this column for a free business review video when you initiate an online video marketing campaign for your business. Call (415) 940-7500 or email


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