Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 4 / 22 January 2015

Adore Delano:
RuPaul's Drag Race Star Rocks

RuPaul's Drag Race is one of the most amazing television shows ever created. One of the reasons why is because it introduces us to people like Adore Delano.

Watching her develop over Season 6 was a joy to behold. Alhough she is only 24, she always comported herself with the humor and grace of an older queen. Her bubbly personality and humorous non-sequiters (favorite catchphrase: "Party!") kept the overall atmosphere from becoming too bitchy.

This refreshing attitude was backed up with an incredible stage presence as well as a beautiful singing voice. These talents were already on display when she was a contestant (as Danny Noriega, her boy drag) on American Idol in 2008, where she sassed Simon Cowell and reached #13. She has also produced dozens of videos for YouTube where she sings her favorite pop songs and shares her humorous takes on various topics.

(read more)

Bebe Sings the Blues:
Bebe Sweetbriar pays
homage to Diana Ross

On Thursday, January 29, local drag star and host of countless nightlife events Bebe Sweetbriar will pay homage to one of the music world's greatest icons. In To Diana Ross, With Love, Sweetbriar will perform twenty of Miss Ross's iconic tunes from her post-Supremes period.

Sweetbriar discussed what Ross means to her, pointing out that her show will be an actual singing performance. Sweetbriar will share her own live vocal stylings when she takes to the stage. The show, along with dinner, can be enjoyed at Balancoire in the Mission. (read more)

BARchive - The Imperial Court of San Francisco

With the Emperor and Empress Coronations finally aligned, the Imperial Court of San Francisco began to take on a clearer structure, but never lost its sense of fun... (read more)

The Company Men

Wikipedia defines "mash up" as: "A mashup (also mesh, mash up, mash-up, blend, bootleg and bastard pop/rock) is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs... (read more)

On the Tab,
Jan 22-29, 2015

Giddy with anticipation, we're hoping to catch new nights (Mazel Top), fun new bands (Ting Tings) and returning classics (Spandau Ballet), even a few closers (Supperclub's closing). (read more)

Leather - PrEP: Tipping Point to Put the Sex Back in Leathersex?

Before you read any further, I know the title of this column is provocative. (read more)

Karrnal Knowledge -
Grand Dudefest Hotel

Hotel Hook-Up has a texture to its image, a close-up point of view and manner of framing that stamp the film as different from any other director's work. If Leo Forte continues in the same vein, it'll be a recognizable, trademark style. (read more)

Shooting Stars:
D'Arcy's Birthday

At the new nightclub Oasis, Shit & Champagne star/creator and club co-owner D'Arcy Drollinger celebrated a birthday (we didn't ask which one). (read more)

Shooting Stars: Harvey's Elephant Walk Anniversary

The 40th anniversary of the Elephant Walk was celebrated on Jan. 14 at Harvey's, where the historic bar used to be located. (read more)

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