LGBT center hosts Economic Justice Month"/>

Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 12 / 22 March 2018

Bernard Boudreaux, left, greeted Suzy Jane Edwards at the October 5 launch party for Economic Justice Month, a monthlong program by the economic development team at the LGBT Community Center. Photo: Rick Gerharter     
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The San Francisco LGBT Community Center is hosting Economic Justice Month with a series of October events meant to connect people with opportunities and resources.

The month will showcase the work of the center's Economic Development department in providing unique resources and support services that are meant to boost financial stability and self-sufficiency for low- and moderate-income LGBTQs and their allies, according to a news release from the center.

"Every day, the SF LGBT Center's Economic Development Department supports low- to moderate-income LGBTQ individuals and allies with services designed to increase self-sufficiency and financial stability," said Clair Farley, the center's director of economic development, in response to the Bay Area Reporter's emailed questions.

Farley's department works with more than 3,000 people a year in an effort to connect them with inclusive employment, housing, and other services.

"... Our communities are struggling to survive in the Bay Area and across the country with the current administration's policies," she said, referring to President Donald Trump. "It is important that we come together in these times to share our resiliency and share skills/ resources with one another, whether that is a referral to an inclusive workplace, help decreasing debt, support navigating housing in the Bay Area, or having a better understanding of our rights." 

The center, which is located at 1800 Market Street, started Economic Empowerment Day in 2011, and now it offers a month filled with community-building activities and economic empowerment events, said Farley.

This year, programming has been expanded to include the first LGBTQ Financial Planning Day October 21, in partnership with Horizons Foundation.

According to Horizons, "members of the LGBTQ community will have access to great financial education sessions and pro-bono consultations with some of the Bay Area's top advisers, including members of Horizons' Professional Advisors Council."

The center's LGBTQ Career Fair is set for October 26 at the San Francisco offices of LinkedIn, at 222 Second Street. The event will include leading Bay Area employers who are dedicated to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

There will be a Queer-Street Marketplace October 28 to showcase community entrepreneurs. Additionally, throughout the month, there will be workshops and events that include a tenants' rights panel, tips on navigating the gig economy, and addressing youth homelessness, said Farley.

The month of special events launched last Thursday where community leaders, including Isa Noyola, a trans Latina activist who's regarded as a national leader for LGBT immigrant rights, were recognized.

All events are free, but registration is encouraged. For more information, visit .

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