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XXX 107 VHS Tapes

XXX 107 VHS tapes pre-estate sale. Gay males under 30. 1970s - 90s. Includes barebacking, etc. Original studio tapes, 81 in picture boxes plus 26 more. All packed in cartons. U pick up in SF Mission area. Goes to best offer over $30 by March 15, 2015 to preestatesale@yahoo.com
The Clean Team

Serving the SF LGBT Community Since 1979. Personalized, Bonded & Insured. We Don't Cut Corners! The Clean Team, 2264 Market St, SF 94114: thesfcleanteam.com or call 415-621-3678

Fine Gardening

Fine gardener providing garden maintenance and revitalization services. I specialize in aesthetic pruning of small trees and shrubs, wise water practices, California natives, as well as care and maintenance of the usual flora in San Francisco. My experience includes Strybing Arboretum/San Francisco Botanical Gardens internship. Let me give your garden a new life. $45/hour. Contact: pdsexton3@icloud.com or 415-271-4403.