Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 12 / 22 March 2018

Dancing days


David Lambert on porn, stripping and learning new languages

David Lambert.
photo: UK Hot Jocks
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David Lambert is one of the most sophisticated, positive, focused and versatile studs working in the porn industry. His work with various studios (Dark Alley, Man Surfer, UK Hot Jocks, Lucas Entertainment, Kristen Bjorn, Hot House, Jake Cruise and Dominic Ford) states the case for erotic performances that promote the idea of porn as natural, sensual and sizzling hot!

The Nob Hill Theatre has chosen to have him as the partner of Jake James, in his final series of performances as one of the theatre's hottest house dancers. This will be a weekend to remember.


Welcome to The Nob Hill Theater! What are your thoughts?

This is my first time as a headliner, but I've performed there a few times before, as a house performer. This is one of the first venues of this kind in North America and the owners, Larry and Gary, pour their heart and soul into their business. They periodically renovate the theater and their goal is to make sure that everyone has fun. They are absolute darlings, and treat the performers nicely. Without them, the theater would probably not be here today.


Have you ever worked with your stage partner, Nob House Theatre house performer Jake James (in his final NHT performances), before? What can the audience expect from the two of you that will set the stage on fire?

I've never worked with Jake before, and I'm excited to be paired with him. He's one of the most popular house performers at the theater and, because it's his final run here, the turnout should be good. The audience can expect us to "fuck like no one's watching," meaning that we'll just have fun with it, enjoy ourselves to the max and make sure that the feeling transfers to the audience.


When and why did you decide to begin performing live?

I started as a gogo dancer in West Hollywood around 2010, following a bad breakup, and it was a form of therapy. I enjoy dancing and being a go-o dancer is like going out and having fun at the club, except that instead of spending money, you are actually being paid for it. :)


What music puts in you in your most sensual mood before and/or during your dances?

I rarely listen to music before the performance. That's the time I'm in an almost meditative state. I find my inner calm and I do my stretches and my push-ups. I basically save my energy until it's time to go on stage, and that's when I let it all burst out. If I compile my own set, I try to achieve a nice balance of fast and slow songs. I like music that has a nice bass and rhythm to it. If it's a set played by a DJ, it needs to be something you can actually dance to. You'd be surprised how many times in my active gogo days, I'd look at the other dancers and we would all have this 'What the hell?!' question in our eyes, because the DJ would be playing something that cleared the dance floor, because it's hard to dance to.  


David Lambert photo: Hick Hernandez

What does performing live sex shows do for you?

It allows me to let go of my inhibitions and explore my wild side.


Where did you grow up, and how did your upbringing affect/inform how you embraced your sexuality?

I grew up in Ukraine which is, putting it mildly, not the easiest country for gay people. When I was a little kid, there was zero information about any LGBT topics, so for a period of time, I honestly thought I was the only one like this in the whole world, which was scary and depressing. Then, I found out that you could actually get five years of jail time for sodomy (a law that was a relic from the Soviet Union times, that has been since abolished).

I was bullied and teased at school by both boys and girls. I was called 'faggot' and 'girl' every day, many times per day. Oh, and on top of that, I was beaten. I heard hateful, homophobic rhetoric literally everywhere-at school, on the streets, and at home.

Pre-college was basically hell and it drove me to the verge of suicide. I decided, however, that I will not give the bullies the satisfaction and would persevere through all that. My 'gay life' didn't really start until I moved to the United States, which is one of the reasons why I love this country so much. I felt like I was finally free to be my true self.

Obviously, even here not everything is 100% ideal, which is why I donate to Trevor Project, a charity whose goal is suicide prevention among LGBT youth. I would like to volunteer for them one day.


David Lambert in a threeway with Russ Magnus and Gaston Croupier. Photo: Butch Dixon

When and why did you decide to enter the porn business?

I started getting serious offers from the studios on my profiles on gay dating websites and I thought, 'Why not? This could be fun!' Ironically, after a long period of considering it, when I started e-mailing the studios, nothing really happened. Things really started happening for me only when I signed with my awesome agent, Shane Frost.


Describe your feelings around your first scene.

I was a little nervous, but, more excited and wanted to do a good job. It helped that my scene partner and I had good chemistry and were into each other.


So far, what have been your most intense film and live performances, where you completely let go?

My scene for Butch Dixon is probably the most fun so far. Filming it was a great experience.


Let's make this happen. Describe your ideal scene (partner, director, studio, etc.).

Studio/Director: I got to film with two legends of the industry, Michael Lucas and Kristen Bjorn, both of whom are an absolute delight, and they both have an air of enigma about them. They are both very softspoken and very professional. They know exactly what they want the final product to look like, they treat models with dignity and respect.

The relatively new studios I got to film with that stand out for me are Butch Dixon and Fuckermate. My Butch Dixon experience was just pure fun and probably the most relaxed atmosphere I ever had on the set. Fuckermate guys are wizards with lighting and their goal is to make you look good on camera. Of the studios that I didn't film with, TimTales comes to mind. It would be cool to film with them.

As for a favorite partner, that's quite simple; someone with good hygiene, chemistry and presence on the set who can perform. My two biggest pet peeves are models who claim they can bottom and can't relax their asshole at all (making penetration painful for both a top and a bottom) and models who claim they can top and can't get hard.

Andy Star is a hot new Brazilian model that would be cool to film with. Italo is a model from Italy who is very hot.


Jake James will join David Lambert in stage shows this weekend at The Nob Hill Theatre.

With what celebrity (living or dead) would you most love to film a scene, and what would you do with them?

When I was a kid, I was quite aroused by the young Jean-Claude Van Damme, so, maybe him? Because it's a fantasy question, we would do everything and anything.


What's your favorite aspect of being versatile? 

My favorite aspect of being versatile is getting a full spectrum of sexual pleasure. I do not quite understand why everybody isn't versatile. I mean, I understand the reasons and I understand that everybody has their preferences, but honestly, I think everybody should at least try both roles. It's great fun. Maybe I should write an educational brochure about it!


Has porn evolved your private sexuality?

I can't say that it did. I think my sexuality reached a full evolution before I started doing porn.


How has the gay porn audience responded to your bareback scenes?

I don't know. When I just started doing porn, I read some soul-crushing comments about myself online that brought me to tears. After crying for almost an entire day, I decided not to read any viewers' feedback anymore. Everybody has an opinion when they are in front of a computer. But the people who post nasty stuff about you would most likely not have the courage to bare it all in front of the camera and a filming crew, then put it out there for an entire world to see. 


Some are blaming bareback gay porn for the recent dramatic rise in non-HIV STD rates among gay and bisexual men who use Trudava. Your thoughts?

People who do that have no idea what they are talking about. The real statistics are that the PreP program actually reduced the non-HIV STD rates because when you are on PreP you have to get tested every month and that way any STDs get caught and treated early which, in its turn, reduces transmission rates.


If you could re-do any part of your porn career differently, what would you change?

I would get signed with Shane Frost right from the start. Once he began representing me, things really started happening for me in the business. He, too, is a model, so he understands more aspects of the industry than most people. In my opinion, anybody who's thinking about getting into gay porn should seek his representation.


In your career, how often have you witnessed drug use on porn sets?

Personally, never, but I've heard a couple of horror stories. There's a common misconception that all of the gay porn models are fucked-up druggies, when in fact, it's completely the opposite. When you book a shoot, the studio usually e-mails you a list of rules and expectations, and most studios are quite explicit about their "no drugs on the set" policy. In fact, some of them state that if you are caught using drugs on set, you will be sent home without pay. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen. I just never personally witnessed it.


What advice do you have for anyone interested in entering the porn industry?

Don't go into it hastily. Give it some thought, consider all the pros and cons, get good representation and, then just have fun with it. Beware of the exclusive studio contracts. Very often, they aren't all they promise to be.


What are your ultimate goals in porn?

I got into porn to explore that aspect of life first-hand, and I am semi-retired now.


Outside of porn, what are your favorite pursuits? I understand that you speak more than six languages. What advice would you give to anyone trying to learn multiple languages?

I dream of publishing a book one day. My advice for the foreign language learners is to create an immersive environment for yourself. Map out your entire apartment with Post-Its or labels, so that everything has a name on it in the language that you are learning. Read the news online. Many news outlets have free apps for smartphones or free websites.

Use the free language-learning apps. Install Google Translate on your smartphone, so if at any time you are curious what the translation of a word or a phrase is, you could look it up and memorize it. Listen to pop music in that language. Be consistent. Try to dedicate at least 15 minutes every day to the language learning. Try to learn 1 to 5 new words every day, write them on a Post-It and place them somewhere you will see them often. If you have any hobbies or there is any topic that you are passionate about, try to find texts about it in the language of interest and read.


Are you currently single? If so, are you looking for love? What attributes does a man need, in order to catch your heart?

Currently, I am not single.


What stimulates you most (sexually, intellectually, spiritually) about other gay men?

Sexually: his face, eyes, smile, confidence. Intellectually: someone who challenges you and makes you learn new things every day. Spiritually: someone who is at peace with himself and the world; someone who is capable to love.


What do you most want your audiences to feel about your performances, after the curtain comes down on your first Nob Hill Theatre shows?

I want them to feel like they had a freaking good time, and want to come back for more!


David Lambert performs at The Nob Hill Adult Theatre, Thursday, Oct. 5 at the Kingdom of Sodom party (9pm-1am, $20), Friday and Saturday, Oct. 6 & 7 8pm (solo) and 10pm (sex show). $25. 729 Powell St.

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