Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

It's the Pits!

Karrnal Knowledge

A rough and romantic moment for James Ryder and Boomer Banks, in Hard Friction s Relentless. photo: HardFriction
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As more and more studios and websites condone barebacking, my world is shrinking. There is less and less to review (and that "less and less" can look pretty much the same).

And that's why the rationalizations of porn producers and performers have put me in a Larry Kramer frame of mind. They're becoming ever more fond of blithely tossing off the claims that HIV is a manageable disease, and that barebacking is a matter of personal choice.

This is stupid, and wrong on both counts, particularly that HIV is medically manageable. Technically, yes, it is, if you don't mind that the life-long side affects of such management are both emotionally distressing and physically discomforting. But fuck health. Let's talk about that element of personal choice, especially the economic outcome of said choice.

Quite simply, no one can afford the medicines that make seroconversion manageable. Here are the costs for a 90-day prescription of the four drugs I take daily to contain my viral load. Viread, $2,735; Edurant, $2,487; Norvir, a mere $842; and Reyataz, $3,787. These need to be refilled four times each year.

I ask, could you manage a yearly total cost of $39,404? Of course not. That amount is shouldered through government programs that are funded by taxpayers like you and me and everyone else. That's why I was really struck by something Boomer Banks said during his interview with Cornelius Washington (published in the Feb. 13, Bay Area Reporter #7).

"When you really stop to think about it," Banks said, "it really involves a whole lot of other people."

Thank you, Boomer. When a guy seroconverts, the whole nation pays.

My imagination was seized by something else Banks said. He likes sex to be both rough and romantic, and that he's looking for an emotional as well as physical connection. And, as he's done just about everything he's fantasized about, he'd like "to do it," i.e., have sex, "in a loving, caring relationship."

If that's the future of gay fantasizing, I congratulate Banks. Wouldn't it be fine to see that sort of wholehearted relationship depicted through the sex men have in porn? Porn that was both rough and effusive? I say, go for it, Mr. Banks. Collaborate with your directors, so that they'll go for bringing some heart into heavy sex. Enable producers to bring us some porn that's butch and benevolent, crazy yet caring.

In an attempt to lift my spirits away from barebacking, I watched a pretty good new Alternadudes flick, Pits and Pubes. The company credo is, "Because normal guys are everywhere else," and the promise, thoroughly delivered on, is " scruffy, shaggy, tatted, pierced up, long-haired, not always perfect guys from the worlds of snowboarding, skating, surfing, rock and roll, punk, emo, goth and more."

Quinn with tumbling tresses and Ruckus roiling with ink schmooch hot, in Pits & Pubes. photo: Pornteam

I got a good laugh from the box cover copy, "Armpits are a window to the pubes and one can often tell how a man grooms his crotch by the way he grooms his armpits." Huh? A window to the pubes? Wazzat? And groomed pits? I never heard of such a thing. And while pits and pubes doesn't spend as much time on P&P as the title might suggest, you are gonna see nine guys lick pits, sniff pits, spit on pits, fuck pits (like titty-fucking a gal, but right in the armpit), and, natch, even cumming in those pits and then licking 'em out.

The entire cast was better-looking than expected, and the amount of smooching was appreciated. There are some of the most creative haircuts, including a shoulder-length Mohawk that thrills me, plus some of that shiny shaved crotch, and one crotch that's never been trimmed in its life—it's crotch au naturel. I got a kick from that guy palming ice chips under his bush-enclouded balls so we could see them "snake around."

The guys have some good-looking cocks, and are a good-looking bunch, some younger but not twinky (well, not counting Dante, with his knee high boots, sylph's body, and prepubescent looking crotch), and some older but still twenty-something. Young Aiden Summers is ready for prime time porn, and lean and mean fucker Mat should probably hitch up with Raging Stallion. Quinn's a younger dude sporting a cock ring and that ravishing Mohawk avec tresses, and he's getting plowed by the aptly named Ruckus, whose body roils with ink, and who seems ready for somebody's dungeon, somewhere. The movie certainly proved diverting. Pics at

I do have one more thing to get off my chest, so, here goes.

Hey, porn stars—Listen up! I'm calling a moratorium on the following names, so you are barred from using any one of them as your nom de porn: Ryder, whether first or last name and in any spelling; Phoenix whether first or last name and in any spelling; Max, no matter how many x's; Wolf, with or without a final e; and Steel, likewise. And, although Porter is a classy name, a sudden rash of them must be curbed. There are one each at five of the more popular VOD sites, and, at a sixth site, Porter I and Porter II!

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