Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Red Lobster meets jungle red

Out There

'Fabulous Fashion in Film' coming to the CastroTheatre

Santino Rice, flamboyant finalist of Project Runway fame.
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We hear that gays love fashion, could that possibly be true? In any case, Project Runway's world-wise motto, "One day you're in, and the next day, you're out!" has become our mini-mantra here at the Out There desk.

After all, we're both very out and very in — so in, we have the inside scoop on fabulously fashion-forward week at the Castro Theatre! In-pressario Marc Huestis will present this summer's sizzling Fabulous Fashion in Film Festival (running July 27-August 3), a whole week devoted to haute couture on-screen, both large and small.

So, fashionistas unite! On Friday, July 27, the opening-night gala Bad Boys of Runway features Project Runway faves: Season 2's flamboyant finalist Santino Rice ("An -dre, I told you we were getting the surf-n-turf special at the Red Lahb-ster!") appearing live with Season 3's tatted winner Jeffrey Sebelia, yum. Together, they will dish the dirt on who's in and what's what, and who's doing whom, on the hugely popular series; share their philosophy of Fashion; and update us on their latest work.

Afterwards they'll switch seats and judge the fierce Project Fabulous Fashion competition, alongside SF's grande dame Denise Hale (the former Mrs. Vincente Minnelli, and yes, Liza's stepmom!) Winner receives $500 courtesy of CastroBear Presents. The loser gets a one-way ticket to the Red Lobster. Hey, at least there's a salad bar!

Also on the bill, Juanita More! performs a dazzling opening number (hint: Think Pink!), and Arturo Galster "makes it work" as Runway maven Tim Gunn. The gala is capped by a screening of Boystown fave The Women, featuring a flawless fashion show designed by Hollywood's greatest designer Adrian. This jungle red-hot screening will be introduced by the B.A.R. 's venerable scribe Tavo Amodar. Partial proceeds from this opening benefit CUAV, a veddy good cause.

Highlights of the weeklong fabulous Fest include a Castro screening of the new bitchy classic The Devil Wears Prada ("That is all!"); The Wizard of Oz with real-life Munchkin Margaret Pellegrini in costume and in person, and hosted by chanteuse Connie Champagne; an evening of fabu hats hosted by our own mad hatter Jan Wahl and Donna Sachet, with a screening of My Fair Lady; Grey Gardens with Tony nominee Justin Bond (direct from his ACT run) hosting a Little Edie Look-Alike Contest; and All About Eve hosted by stage star Matthew Martin. Topping it off for two nights only will be the thrilling Castro premiere screening of Dreamgirls co-billed with Mahogany & Sparkle. What, we ask what, more can a queen ask for?

Also featured throughout the festive week will be celebrity intros, performances and films by Jim Van Buskirk, Valentine & Eric Smith.

So if you can't change the world, change your wardrobe, and plan to attend this absolutely fabulous event. For a full Fest list, to enter the Project Fabulous Fashion competition, or to cash in on discount tickets for opening gala, e-mail, or call (415) 863-0611. Tell em Bobo sent ya (that's us) and get eternal gratitude.

Kiki'ing the bucket

What do Tony, Jerry and Kiki have in common? OT was dying to know so we put on our best black and trotted over to the Halstead Funeral Home at Polk & Sutter for Kiki & Herb: A Memorial.

There were celebs aplenty, and no sooner had Bruce Vilanch began memorializing the boozy pair, when Kiki & Herb magically arose from the dead. Seems it all was just a cheap publicity stunt for their upcoming A.C.T. run - Kiki & Herb - Alive From Broadway.

Those in-the-know know that Kiki & Herb took Broa

Castro presenter Marc Huestis with bona fide Munchkin Margaret Pellegrini. Photo: Rikki Ercoli
dway by storm last year and nothing could kill them. A frantic Kiki (aka Justin Bond) grabbed the mike from Vilanch and fielded questions from the press, largely concentrating on their recent Tony nomination.

The joyous news of their nom came just as Jerry Falwell was kicking the bucket. Kiki effused, "You know we're winning the culture wars when we can get nominated the same day Jerry Falwell dies. Still, I'd gladly forgo the Tony to get rid of Jerry."

Kiki's date for the awards will be Herb. "They only gave us two tickets," she pined. "Award shows are expensive."

She'll be wearing the same dress she had on for the memorial; "I only own one." And she won't be having her hair done. "I stopped having it done in the 80's after my hairdresser Pierre died of AIDS. I view this as my own AIDS memorial" she quipped, pointing to the rats nest she called a do.

Seriously, even though they are now the toast of Broadway, they got their start in the streets of San Francisco in the late 80s. They are a local success story, and OT wishes them well. Show them some love by attending one of their sure-to-be-stellar performances at A.C.T. July 13-29.

Cap and tassel

Producer/director Arthur Dong was named San Francisco State University's 2007 Alumnus of the Year. He received the award at the university's 106th Commencement exercises last Saturday, May 26, in Cox Stadium.

Dong graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in film in 1982, the same year he established his Los Angeles-based company, DeepFocus Productions, Inc. The company released Dong's first DVD collection, Stories from the War on Homosexuality, which includes Family Fundamentals, a study of America's cultural wars over homosexuality; Licensed to Kill, a look into the minds of murderers who killed gay men; and Coming Out Under Fire, an investigation of gay and lesbian soldiers during World War II.

Dong's films about Asian and Asian American culture include Sewing Woman, a documentary about his mother's immigration to the US from China; Forbidden City, U.S.A., a musical tribute to the plight of Asian American nightclub performers in the 1940s; and Lotus, a drama about the foot-binding of Chinese women, co-written with his sister, SF State Professor of Asian American studies Lorraine Dong. He recently completed a new feature documentary, Hollywood Chinese , a visual and cultural history of the Chinese in Hollywood feature films, from the early 1900s up to present-day. It will be released this fall.

Previous SF State Alumni of the Year include E-Loan co-founder/CEO Chris Larsen, journalist Ben Fong-Torres, Frasier co-creator Peter Casey, jazz and cabaret singer Wesla Whitfield, actress Annette Bening, conductor Kent Nagano, former SF Mayor Willie Brown, and NASA astronaut/physician Yvonne Cagle.

Zinger time

Strange de Jim watches TV!

Jay Leno: "Apparently, Phil Spector wasn't happy to see any of these women. That really was a gun in his pocket."

Craig Ferguson on a nudist bum sticker: "My other ass is hot."

Conan O'Brien: "The Tony nominations came out last night. People who care about the Tony nominations came out a long time ago."

Dave Letterman: "Former President Bill Clinton says he has been very, very concerned about global warming. In fact, earlier this week, another chunk of ice fell off his wife."

"Beep beep! Love, Strange."

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