Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

Steam heat


Sebastian works the crowd at the Edge last Saturday night. (Photo: Scott Brogan)
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When I say "Steam Heat," I'm not talking about the Bob Fosse-choreographed number from The Pajama Game. Nope, I'm referring to Michael Brandon's monthly event "Steamworks at the Edge." Any event at the Edge (4149 Collingwood in the Castro) is sure to be fun. They have some of the best bartenders around. That fact, coupled with the friendly neighborhood bar feel, makes for a great time.

I hadn't been to this particular event yet even though I've promoted it in the calendar for quite some time. There's no reason for my not going other than simple conflicts of interest. I was happy to finally be able to go this past Saturday, although I don't think it was actually the "Steamworks at the Edge" event. I have it on my calendar for the first Saturday of each month, but it might have been postponed due to the holiday weekend. It didn't matter, though, because I still had a great time. The go-go boys were sexier than usual, the crowd was festive, and the bartenders were sweetly flirty. That's what I like about most of the bars in San Francisco; even if an event is postponed, you can bet you'll still have fun. I missed seeing Michael, but no problem, there's always next month.

After hanging out at the Edge, my husband and I proceeded to the Powerhouse (Dore & Folsom). They were featuring a "Boots Fundraiser" for the AIDS Foundation. They raised over $1k. That's a good amount considering it was raised solely from the suggested admission donation and Jell-O shots. The event was in full swing when we got there, with a lot of diverse people having a ball. The go-go boys were hot here as well, although I think the Edge had the edge with the hotter group. Not that I'd kick any of them out of bed for eating crackers, mind you. I like this trend of most events featuring go-go boys. 

Homobiles: When we left the Powerhouse, we managed to catch a ride via Homobiles. Never heard of them?  Well, to quote their card, Homobiles is "not a cab company. Homobiles is a noncommercial dispatch-only transportation service run entirely by volunteers." They're a 24/7 queer ride service "committed to providing secure and reliable transit to the SF Bay Area LGFTIQQ community and its allies." They run on donations only, not metered fares. All the volunteers use their own vehicles. This is a great service for our community. They help ensure that everyone gets home safely. All you need to do is text them at (415) 574-5023. Be sure to text your name, pickup address & destination, and the number of passengers. It's as simple as that.

The panel at last Sunday's Making the Connection discussion. (Photo: Scott Brogan)

Making the connection: This month's installment of "Making the Connection," hosted by Mr. SF Leather 2012 Jesse Vanciel, focused on leather family archetypes. The panel consisted of members from two polyamorous leather families: Mike Gerle, Keith Sattelmaier, and yapper represented their extended family, while Steve Gaines, Richard and rob represented theirs. Each family consists of additional members that were not present. 

It's tricky to explain to outsiders what a leather family is. There isn't one catch-all definition because each family is different from the other. One might have a Master with a few slaves. Another might have a Dom, a sub, and subs for the sub, or maybe subs for both the Dom and the alpha sub. Or maybe it's a Daddy with a few boys, or a few Daddies with a few boys. Every successful family unit that I have ever met did not start out with every member in place. Each grew organically from two people. I don't think you can simply start a leather family with every member in place right off the bat. There's no growth period.

There are many dynamics to deal with in leather families. The most important factor in making them work is communication. As discussed by the panel, there are bound to be jealousies that pop up. These jealousies are usually based on insecurities, envy, and fear. I believe it was Gerle who mentioned he looks at these jealousies as an opportunity to learn and grow. More people mean more channels of communication.

Each family I've known is successful. I believe this is due to the fact that, in addition to communication, they also love and trust each other. And that, I believe, is what it's about in any relationship, of any kind.


Coming up in leather & kink,

Thu., Jul. 12: Koktail Club Happy Hour at Kok Bar (1225 Folsom). Hamisi doing Hammy Time until 10 p.m. Go to:

Thu., Jul. 12: Underwear Night at The Powerhouse. Strip down for drink specials. 10 p.m.-close. Go to:

Fri., Jul. 13: Fridays Underwear at Kok Bar. Boxers, jockstraps, undies and nasty fun! Drink specials! 10 p.m.-close. Go to:

Fri., Jul. 13: Lick It at The Powerhouse. Lance Holman hosts, go-go guys, raffles, and bootblacks. $5 cover for the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. 10 p.m.-close. Go to:

Fri., Jul. 13: Truck Wash at Truck (1900 Folsom). 10 p.m.-close. Live shower boys, drink specials! Go to:

Sat., Jul. 14: Leather Beer Bust at Kok Bar. $5 Rolling Rock, $3 all other beer and well koktails. 5-9 p.m. Go to:

Sat., Jul. 14: All Beef Saturday Nights at The Lone Star (1354 Harrison). 9 p.m.-close. Go to:

Sat., Jul. 14: Black Saturday, When the Cat's Away. Party w/Mr. Powerhouse 2012 Brent Ganetta. Hot demos drink specials for those dressed in gear. Go to:

Sat., Jul. 14: Stallion Saturdays at Rebel Bar (1760 Market). Revolving DJs, afterhours fun! 9 p.m.-4 a.m. Go to:

Sun., Jul. 15: Truck Bust Sundays at Truck. $1 beer bust. 4-8 p.m. Go to:

Sun., Jul. 15: Jockstrap Beer Bust at Kok Bar. $8 if in gear, $10 if not. 3-7 p.m. Go to:

Sun., Jul. 15: PoHo Sundays at The Powerhouse. Dollar drafts all day! Go to:

Sun., Jul. 15: Poker Run for the Golden Gate Guards, 10 a.m. at the Castro Country Club (4058 18th St.). Go to:

Mon., Jul. 16: Flogger Works at the SF Citadel (181 Eddy St.), 8 p.m. $10. Go to:

Tue., Jul. 17: Busted at Truck. $5 beer bust. 9-11 p.m. Go to:

Tue., Jul. 17: Safeword: 12-Step Kink Recovery Group at the SF Citadel. 6:30 p.m. Go to:

Tue., Jul. 17: Thank You for Being Such a Pain: Ethics, Leadership and Working with Difficult People, with Deborah Isadora Wade at the SF Citadel. 8 p.m. $20. Go to:

Tue., Jul. 17: Ink & Metal at The Powerhouse. 9 p.m.-close. Go to:

Tue., Jul. 17: Kok Block at Kok Bar. Happy hour prices all night. Pool tournament, 7-10 p.m. Go to:

Wed., Jul. 18: Golden Shower Buddies at Blow Buddies (933 Harrison), a male-only club. Doors open 8 p.m.-12 a.m. Play till late. Go to:

Wed., Jul. 18: Nipple Play at The Powerhouse. Show off your nips for drink specials. 10 p.m.-close. Go to: for details.

Wed., Jul. 18: Bare Bear, a Night at the Baths at The Water Garden (1010 The Alameda, San Jose). 6-10 p.m. Go to:


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