Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 8 / 22 February 2018

Three greats go

Karrnal Knowledge

Sexo star Andy Dill, RIP. Photo: Courtesy Raging Stallion
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Last Thursday, the e-mails were shocking. Three in a row announced the death of yet another of my porn icons: director Matt Sterling, performer and budding director Andy Dill, and memorable model Joseph Myska.

I never met director Matt Sterling, but I certainly beat my meat to a lot of his films. They were guaranteed get-off. I met Andy Dill a few times, and we chatted by e-mail. I was so taken with the way this brightly shining and fiercely sexy charmer was fruitfully blooming from performer into creator and producer. What an entrepreneur he was. And though I never met Joseph Myska, I dreamt of him a lot.

Gay porn pioneer Matt Sterling, whose real name was Jack Dufault, died in Los Angeles of a motor neuron disease he was diagnosed with 18 years ago. His career stretched over more than 40 years. Along with John Travis, Falcon Studios founder Chuck Holmes, and John Summers, Sterling could almost be said to have founded the gay porn industry in California in the 1960s and 70s. His first gay line, Brentwood Studios, was the bedrock upon which Falcon was built. But it was his movies for Huge Video, beginning with A Matter of Size, that cemented his name in gay porn history. Wasn't that 1983 feature the very first sexo shot on video instead of film? Two of my all-time favorite scenes are from Sterling videos. The incredible Matt Ramsey may say today that he never made gay porn, but that's him swinging his big club and squatting on a stiffie in Sized Up. Even better is the hottest romantic scene in Tradewinds, played in front of a roaring campfire by the glamorous Derek Cameron with Kurt Young. Young fucks so well that Cameron squirts twice. Because of his illness, Sterling directed very little from the mid-90s on. His final movie, A Matter of Size 2, was released in 2005.

Andy Dill, whose real name was Andy Dill, died quite suddenly in a San Francisco hospital, besieged with meningitis. He'd been in 20 films since his debut in 2003, and was noted for his individual look and his sexual expertise. He was a popular "escort" who brought intelligence, wit, and masculinity, along with affection and passion. He produced, wrote and directed his first film, Bedrock, for Raging Stallion, and it's pretty good. Catch the striking scene that pairs the Midnight-satin skin of Jay Black with the moonglow of redhead Blu Kennedy. Andy ran to indulge his delight in an amazing range of men with hair that ran from auburn to flaming orange hair. He founded Dill Media "to create and develop progressive and passionate porn," and recently became the Vice President of Production at

It was kind of ghastly that the same day I heard of Andy's death, the mailman delivered his first movie for the company. Sorry that I can't go crazy over Big Ben and the British Bears. Yet it's congenial, with the un-trumped-up masculinity of a bunch of London-based bears who are righ

Physique star Joseph Myska, RIP.
t out there about their bear way of life. There's a range of bears represented, from the gorgeous, red-furred uber-daddy of narrator/host Ben Martin to some truly gargantuan playmates. There are bears that are wooly mammoths, and there are bears that are just plain fat. Although the movie's nearly two hours long, the quickly edited scenes lack depth of encounter. It's hot, though, the way each and every pair of guys flip-flops for each other. These big, hairy bounders have some swell tattoos, too.

On his website,, Andy makes typically enthusiastic comments about his many movies for Factory Video, Titan Studio, and Raging Stallion. My favorite Andy scene is in Titan's ManPlay Xtreme2, in which he's worked over in the most excessive, nasty way. Sweet Jesus, what they do to his tits! "I get to fuck a hottie," he writes, "but I end up as a big ol' pig bottom." About Titan's Packers, he wrote, "If you like seeing my hole get stuffed, this is the movie." Re his slammer topping of Brad Davis in Raging Stallion's Team Players, "I turned into the Energizer Bunny." And about Eager to Sleaze, "I got to fuck Carlos Morales! Thank you, Factory Video!" And thank you, Andy Dill, for being so hairy, so horny, and so happy.

It was in 1981 that I flipped for a new Colt model, a surly, sultry, overly provocative 20-year-old named Kirby Scott. Some 20 years later, I realized the photos I was avidly collecting of Joseph Myska were of the same person: Kirby the kid had become Myska the man. From tease to treasure. Myska, an elegant poser with a classic physique and radiant personality, had modeled for many "art" photographers including Jeff Palmer, Louis LaSalle, and Kevin Caudill. Kirby had made some sexy movies for Colt, but though the adult Myska was filmed by Can-Am and Sharpshooter, I don't believe those are hardcore sex films. I like a wrestling flick he made for Greenwood Cooper in 1997. There's no sex in The Wrestle Club. But it's so sexy. And unlike most gay wrestling films, this one's real. Myska's holds and pins, his takedowns are authentic and well-accomplished. And his naked beauty is mesmerizing. At, one fan posted a comment, "It's the kind of great Greco-Roman wrestling that belongs in the modern Olympics." I'd agree. It's a fitting memorial to Joseph. His death at 44 is so sad; seeing him go from boy to man was a privilege. I'm already missing what might have come. I mooned over Myska's photos quite a bit, and don't intend to stop.

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