Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

Student bodies


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Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men (Bruno Gmunder) is a collection of exciting color photos of college-age athletes in sexual poses progressing from soft-core to fully erect and stiff hard-core. Baseball, soccer and other athletes pose in uniform and various stages of undress, some as solos, but mostly as couples, trios and even whole teams!

Amateur College Men contains some of the nicest twink bodies and cutest faces to grace the pages of such a volume in years. All of the boys are in their late teens through early to mid-20s, every last one certified "white bread," to boot. Every model epitomizes apple-cheeked wholesomeness and clean-cut vitality.

One of my favorite compositions is one of the more soft-core pictures, three marvelous young men sitting and leaning against a decrepit old barn in nothing but faded, tattered, snuggly fitting Levis. All three are exquisite: marvelous faces and firm, gorgeous bodies. They all have glowingly healthy skin that looks like it was never blemished. They all have fine, dreamy, clean-looking hair.

The one on the right is a Nordic-looking natural blond, the one in the center has very attractive, bottle-blond highlights, and the dark-haired guy on the right is the most luscious.

This same incredible trio graces two other memorable pictures. The guy with golden highlights teeters to maintain his precarious balance on a wheelbarrow being maneuvered by the dark-haired guy, while their Nordic buddy watches from behind. The serious demeanor of the previous photo is replaced by wide smiles and unbound emotions ranging from delight to sheer joy.

Another model I like I call "key boy," because he wears a house key strung on a cord around his neck in many of his pictures. I suppose that's one way not to lose your keys. While he has a nice, solid body, his best features are from that brass key up: his handsome face, full of character; his steely-blue eyes, the most striking feature of his pale, oval-shaped face.

There are easily a dozen more unforgettable pictures, and a score of other equally stupendous models. But several factors prevent Amateur College Men from achieving greatness. Inexplicably, several of the photographs are out of focus. The format of the book is also too small to do justice to the human form. These beautiful bodies deserve a broader canvas. There's too much emphasis on sports equipment. One or two soccer balls would suffice. Eight or nine is an overload. We get the point! They play ball.

Despite its flaws, this book is packed with interesting faces and nice bodies, the stuff many dreams could be made of. And it certainly lives up to its name: it delivers tons of absolutely fresh, USDA prime meat!

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