Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 27 / 2 July 2015

Fine Arts -
Mr. Turner, liberated by art

A maestro of atmospheric climatic effects, the British romanticist landscape painter J.M.W. Turner was a lover, observer and depicter of wild unbridled nature and its destructive powers, with seafaring ships in peril a particular specialty. Turner's strikingly original oil paintings, which set mid-19th century wags aflutter, were analogous to epic poems, with the implicit drama that comparison suggests. Liberated either by the confidence that accompanies maturity and experience, or by the urgency of time running out, it was in the last 15 years of his life... (read more)

Music - When Johnny comes
marching home

Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis. Few singers have enjoyed the longevity or the popularity as these four legendary names. They are part of American pop-culture history. They have endured for decades, enjoying cross-generational and cross-cultural audiences unmatched in the annals of popular music. Now one of them returns home. On Thurs. & Fri., July 2 & 3, former San Francisco resident Johnny Mathis will sing with the San Francisco Symphony at Davies Hall. (read more)

Out There - Celebs' reax to SCOTUS ruling

Out There spent much of the day of last week's Supreme Court marriage equality ruling involved in rooting about online... (read more)

DVD - Clubland

The Henry brothers (producer Marc and writer-director Eric) spend 77 minutes demonstrating the prickly ins and outs of Anglo Canada's premier predominantly white-boy cruising scene... (read more)

Out & About -
Sparkle motion

Explosions go boom, here and there, but the real revolution is happening in marriage quality, of course. (read more)

Television - TV paved the road to marriage equality

What a way to end Pride Month and welcome Independence Day – with another stepping-stone toward what we hope will one day be our full equality. (read more)

Theatre -
Hitting rock bottom

A few decades back, a play titled Detroit would likely have created automotive expectations. (read more)

Music - Beethoven finales

It's a wrap for the 20th season of the San Francisco Symphony under Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas. (read more)

Music - Operatic fantasy
on Gertrude Stein

With issues of same-sex marriage making headline news worldwide, the time was ripe for an opera on the most widely-known lesbian couple of the first half of the 20th century... (read more)

Film - Brothers' keepers

Somewhere in the middle of Crystal Moselle's brazen and original family doc The Wolfpack, we observe six adolescent males watching TV in the dark. (read more)

Music - I love Lulu

As I was writing my recent review of the "Berlin Lulu" – that dratted 2012 version of Alban Berg's opera that deals with its monstrous tragedy by breaking off yet more parts of the antiquated kewpie-doll Lulu... (read more)

DVD - Oral fixation

The first thing that strikes you about Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat is the cast. (read more)

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