Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 49 / 8 December 2016

Theatre - All the world's a holiday stage

Without our holiday traditions, we'd be as shaky as a little drummer boy on the roof. We have those seasonal theatrical traditions, and some new entries that may cause that kid to wobble a bit. Perhaps a show that mashes up "We Got the Beat" and "Little Drummer Boy" by a cast that could be costumed by Fruit of the Loom. (read more)

Music - Tuning into holiday recordings

For the latest installment of B.A.R. 's annual holiday recording round-up, we begin with the one that's received the Upper/Downer Pairing of the Season Award for 2016, Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker & Symphony No. 4 (Mariinsky SACD). The source is that happiest of campers, Valery Gergiev, and the Mariinsky Orchestra. Tchaikovsky's delightful fantasy ballet zips along at a pace that will keep dancers on their toes. In case they're flying too high, the fate theme from the Fourth Symphony will remind you of the consequences of living a closeted life amidst societal pressure to partner with a member of the opposite sex. (read more)

Out There - Triple-feature threat

The Mostly British Film Festival will offer a free holiday triple feature on Wed... (read more)

Out & About - Holodeck

End of years, end of days, but not the world, yet. (read more)

Theatre - Sweet perfume

She Loves Me has no interest in blowing your socks off. (read more)

Theatre - Anger management

You're unlikely to find a more affable storyteller talking about pedophilia than Martin Moran. (read more)

Music - Bright young operatic talents impress

Part commencement ceremony and part season finale, The Future Is Now: Adler Fellows Gala Concert packed Herbst Theatre last week... (read more)

Film - Flight of the refugees

Italian director Gianfranco Rosi's narrative doc Fire at Sea is a compelling if maddening attempt to drag a reality-TV-distracted film audience... (read more)

DVD - Native sons

Many San Franciscans have wondered why so many poor, rural, and working-class Americans voted for the billionaire Donald Trump as President. (read more)

Theatre - Musical 'Allegiance' comes to cinemas

For openly gay Star Trek icon George Takei, the unexpected rise of Donald Trump... (read more)

Film - Superstar of the sword drama

One of the best qualities of Japanese-American director Steven Okazaki's hip and engaging bio-doc of the great action-movie star Toshiro Mifune... (read more)

Fine Arts - Repositories of memory

Memory is an exceptionally poignant concept for the Jews. (read more)

DVD - Giving the gift of movies

Who doesn't love movies? The DVD and Blu-ray titles that follow cover a broad range of subjects and genres. (read more)

Books - Reading the holidays right

After years of being hurt by Amazon, brick-and-mortar bookstores are enjoying a comeback. (read more)

Music - Penetrating Parsifal

Even by operatic standards, four women characters represent the feminine at its most mysterious. (read more)

Film - Old Stone's tale of woe

Anyone who's heard good things about the new Chinese film Lao Shi (Old Stone) and doesn't want me to ruin it for them should stop reading now. (read more)

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