Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 5 / 4 February 2016

Film - Local filmmakers
earn Oscar nomination

When San Francisco filmmakers Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman were nominated for an Oscar for their film Last Day of Freedom, friends started asking one question: "What are you wearing?" to the Academy Awards gala. (read more)

Fine Arts - Museum's
stellar return in Berkeley

The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive [BAMPFA], which was forced to relocate after their concrete, cave-like Mario Ciampi-designed building on Bancroft Street was deemed seismically unsafe, made a stellar return last week in a renovated, red, white and stainless steel Art Deco facility in downtown Berkeley. (read more)

Dance -
Hot choreography
at the ballet

San Francisco Ballet opened its winter season last week with two programs of mixed bills, each of which featured a world premiere by a hot choreographer. (read more)

Out There -
Healdsburg hejira

Everyone has their favorite local getaway for escaping the city, and for Out There, it's Healdsburg, CA. (read more)

Theatre - Into the gender-ambiguous woods

Anything can happen in the forest, and it's been happening for millennia in literature. (read more)

Theatre -
Criminal temptations in virtual reality

When the Muppet-like Trekkie Monster sings "The Internet Is for Porn" in Avenue Q, people laugh. (read more)

Theatre - Everything's coming up Blackhurst

Klea Blackhurst doesn't remember saying it, but she told an audience a few years back that "I'm one of the most accomplished people who has never been on Broadway.
(read more)

Books - Changing the course of culture

I recently gobbled up S.C. Gwynne's dashing history of the Comanche tribe, Empire of the Summer Moon. (read more)

Out & About -
Natural selections

Sometimes, an event so clearly compels attendance or interest, it's a natural selection sure to be added to your agenda. (read more)

Music -
Pardon my French

I had a French boyfriend, twice, who refused to teach me French. (read more)

Books - His lucky star

Twenty years ago, writer and blogger Matthew Rettenmund published both a well-received work of erotically charged fiction, Boy Culture, and a must-have Madonna fan-bible, Encyclopedia Madonnica. (read more)

DVD - High-stakes Checkers in Thailand

As anyone who's tried knows all too well, making a movie, even a poor one, is a Herculean task that requires inspiration, perspiration and a mysterious element that even for devout non-believers might be dubbed the blessing of the gods. (read more)

Books - Liberals: 10; Conservatives, 0

In 2016, we glimpse again, in our presidential election campaigns, all-too-familiar battles: right vs. left, religious vs. secular, with extreme positions on immigration, anti-Islam fervor, abortion, and gay rights. (read more)

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