Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 7 / 15 February 2018

Film - Mostly British gets it all right

Since its inception a decade ago, the Mostly British Film Festival has carved out an unusual niche, distinguishing itself among a crowded field of local festivals as a reliable source for classic and first-run English-language movies from abroad – foreign films without the subtitles, if you will – while maintaining a loyal audience for a mix of lesser-known titles and big-ticket fare headed for theatrical release. On its 10th anniversary, MBFF's founder, former San Francisco Chronicle movie editor Ruthe Stein, has once again brought a discerning eye to the programming. (read more)

Theatre - Touring musicals set to hit the road

What had been the most important casting mystery among the seven shows recently announced by SHN for its latest season of touring musicals was has just been solved. It will be Betty Buckley starring as Dolly Gallagher Levi when "Hello, Dolly!" arrives in San Francisco next year. The other six shows, including "Come From Away," "Falsettos" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," do not exist because box-office names are in their casts. But "Hello, Dolly!" would not have been revived without Bette Midler, and it's not the kind of show you'd send out on tour without a big name above the title. (read more)

Vote for your Besties!

Here’s your chance to show your love for all the people, places, and things that make being LGBTQ in the Bay Area so fabulous! You may also win wonderful prizes… (CLICK HERE TO VOTE)

Out There - Back with blonde

It's been many a moon since the once-familiar name Marc Huestis has graced these gossipy pages. (read more)

Film - Castro Theatre's Oscar bait

In the second half of February, the Castro Theatre's countdown to Oscar rolls out a handful of Best Picture contenders the way they should be seen. (read more)

Arts events: Feb. 15-22

Famous and fun, local and legendary acts feature in arts events this week. (read more)

Music - Aristocratic yet earthy concert fare

Like a favorite relative who visits only once a year, Herbert Blomstedt, Conductor Laureate of the San Francisco Symphony and SFS Music Director for a decade... (read more)

Music - Rite back in your arms again

Back when the word bombshell still held meaning beyond "today's news," Robert Craft used it in his book "Stravinsky: Discoveries and Memories," which appeared... (read more)

Books - Your 2018 winter reading list

Words and pictures: Readers should consider themselves lucky that gay writer and photographer Bill Hayes has two books for them to enjoy. (read more)

Books - Time travel through Hollywood

Critic John DiLeo's "Ten Movies at a Time: A 350-Film Journey Through Hollywood and America 1930-1970" (Hansen Publishing Group, $29. (read more)

DVD - Provincial romance

If someone were to ask you what or who is the center of your world, how would you answer? This question is at the heart of the new German-language "Center of My World"... (read more)

DVD - Field of vengeance

With ominous signs of a possible nuclear confrontation with North Korea, we remember how war has a way of bringing out the very worst in human beings, but also the very best. (read more)

Books - Beach reading

San Francisco author Lewis DeSimone's third novel "Channeling Morgan" takes readers into the mindset... (read more)

Film - Party of three

What's in a title? Usually an independent, poverty-budget comedy/drama like first-time Palestinian director Maysaloun Hamoud's "In Between"... (read more)

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