Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 35 / 27 August 2015

Theatre - Gaily forward!
Fall preview

It's still summer when autumn arrives, at least as far as local theaters' fall seasons are concerned. And in the autumnal spirit of abundance, serving platters are again piled high with offerings that should please a myriad of theatrical tastes. Categories are provided below to help focus this look at highlights spilling from the seasonal cornucopia. (read more)

Fine Arts - Fall preview:
Art galleries

Fall is nearly here, a time when local galleries roll out a fleet of eclectic exhibitions.

Gallery Wendi Norris, noteworthy for its solid suite of female artists and a tilt toward surrealism, launches the season with Chitra Ganesh: Protest Fantasies, a show of new mixed-media works with layered, vividly colored imagery that addresses gender issues, mythology and sexual politics. In allegories of sexual power, politics, science fiction and fantasy, infused with her Indian heritage, Ganesh incorporates sculptural elements such as fake fur, sequins, toy asps, shards of glass and peacock feathers into color-saturated canvases. (read more)

Out There - A literary life

At first we weren't sure we would enjoy reading Worlds Apart: A Memoir (Bloomsbury) from the novelist David Plante, just released. (read more)

Film - The importance of being Grandma

In the delicious new road comedy Grandma, a 75-year-old lesbian, Elle Reid (Lilly Tomlin), gets behind the wheel... (read more)

Out & About - Fall fun

Autumn arts reveals a bevy of beautiful openings in art, theatre, and music. (read more)

Film - Contemplating Africa

"Let me tell you, people like the Europeans and the Americans went away from home and began to colonize other people, which they took by force. (read more)

Film -
Slaughterhouse five

The new French-produced food doc Steak (R) an engaging if curious mix of first-rate culinary history, cooking tips, and a Jonathan Swift-like savage satire... (read more)

Books - What does it mean to be a gay director?

Does a film written and directed by a gay person always mean it is a gay film? (read more)

Music - Summer soul

Remember the name Shamir, because you'll probably be hearing it a lot when Grammy time rolls around. (read more)

Film - Brazilian bombshell Carmen Miranda

The New York Times and the [UK] Guardian both published articles commemorating the 60th anniversary of Carmen Miranda's (1909-55) death on August 5. (read more)

Television - Fall preview: The Lavender Tube

TV truth: Summer goes faster now that there are so many different shows to watch and there's a whole summer season... (read more)

Music - Fall preview: Classical releases

Before we get to the outright hysterics, let's pause a moment to contemplate the important imminent classical releases that do not feature Jonas Kaufmann. (read more)

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