Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 30 / 28 July 2016

Fine Arts - Stroke of Eros

Fantastical gay men are, politely speaking, "exercising their virilities" at the GLBT History Museum, though there's nothing polite about the sexually explicit imagery and full-frontal nudity on uninhibited display in Stroke: From Under the Mattress to the Museum Walls, a touring historical retrospective of erotic illustrations by artists whose work appeared in gay men's magazines from the 1950s through the 90s. (read more)

Dance - Death of the disco dancers

Forty-nine dancers were murdered last month in Orlando. They have been called gay or Latino or lesbian or transgender. They have been identified as a pharmacy tech, a travel agent, an entrepreneur, a student, a store manager, and a Walt Disney employee. They are dead, but not for those reasons alone. They died because they went out on a Saturday night to enjoy themselves the best way they knew how – by dancing. (read more)

Out There - Grand Hotel

Last week Out There was in the grand old house for a pre-publication party celebrating The New York Times bestselling author Amor Towles and his new novel A Gentleman in Moscow... (read more)

Out & About - Alley cats

Let your inhibitions loose as arts (and kinky) events unleash and unstrap themselves all over town. (read more)

Theatre - Beauty parlor and the beasts

The hair is big in Stale Magnolias: The Musical. The humor comes in small, medium, and only occasionally, large. (read more)

Film - Gay man leaves a religious family

The idea for the new documentary Who's Going to Love Me Now? began like a lot of gay stories: with a one-night stand. (read more)

Film - The power of Noir

In my current attempt to earn my living, I find myself in the company of young actors. (read more)

Books - Tropical maladies

In Nicole Dennis-Benn's stunning new debut novel Here Comes the Sun, the women own the story, if precious little else. (read more)

Television - The Trumping of America on TV

There was one big TV show this past week, and it was in Cleveland, of all unlikely places. (read more)

Books - Being Dietrich

When Marlene Dietrich died at age 90 in 1992, her New York Times front-page obituary heralded her death with the headline "International Symbol of Glamour and Sex." (read more)

Film - Cafe Woody

In Woody Allen's literate and laugh-out-loud funny Cafe Society, Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) is a young go-getter seeking to learn... (read more)

DVD - Bilbao bonding

In the absorbing, offbeat homo-buddy adventure Hidden Away (TLA) two attractive teen boys, Rafa and Ibra, at first find a flirtatious bond... (read more)

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