Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 42 / 20 October 2016

Music - 337-year-old prima donna rules!

The San Francisco Opera revived director Olivier Tambosi's perfect production of composer Leos Janacek's strange and compelling Vec Makropulos (The Makropulos Case ) last week after an absence of only six years, marking the 50th anniversary of the opera's US premiere by the same Company in 1966. It might be more accurate to say "returned to life," as there are really no changes necessary in the fine-looking production. (read more)

Fine Arts - Through a Japanese postwar lens

Japanese Photography from Postwar to Now, the second photography show to open at SFMOMA's Pritzker Center for Photography in the last two weeks, is a tsunami of images, if that's not too indelicate a term given the catastrophe that struck the country in 2011. It's reflexive to think of Japan as a purveyor of innovative camera equipment rather than as a center of a thriving photography culture of its own... (read more)

Out There - 2016: A Space Oddity

Some symphonygoers get up on their high horse about film screenings at the concert hall accompanied by full orchestra, calling them "orchestra karaoke." (read more)

Out & About - Octobling

Gussied up or stripped bare, autumnal arts offering range from the delicately arranged to the robustly presented. (read more)

Theatre - It's a woman's world

They want to dress like women, act like women, and be perceived as women. (read more)

Theatre - Titillating horror show returns

There is but a single spurt of blood, and as for sex, it is pretty much absent as well in the first act of the latest Shocktoberfest production at the Hypnodrome. (read more)

Film - Out of the Casbah

As we contemplate war with Russia, or Hillary contemplates it, our world seems off-kilter and jigging its way toward some series of catastrophes we are unable and unwilling to meet, mitigate, or avert. (read more)

Film - Law enforcement armed to the teeth

Filmmaker Craig Atkinson is the son of a now-retired police officer. (read more)

DVD - Fitful romance

The gorgeously shot gay romantic comedy World and Time Enough kicks off with a montage from the interiors of a series of Minnesota cathedrals. (read more)

Music - Exceptional pianism of Daniil Trifonov

If you try to take away my Sviatoslav Richter recordings – or my Marcelle Meyer platters, for that matter – I will bite. (read more)

Film - Tale from the dark side

For a while Brent Corrigan was gay porn's wildly popular Twink golden boy. (read more)

Books - Polymorphously perverse

The good news is that in Beyond Monogamy, author Mimi Schippers has found a solution for racism and sexism in our society: polyamory... (read more)

Television - Objectifying women

We can't open every column with Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, besides which we aren't so convinced there's any "best of times" these days. (read more)

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