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San Jose City Council LGBTQ drought could end

NEWS | By Matthew S. Bajko | May 18

A 16-year drought of LGBTQ representation on the council of the Bay Area's largest city could come to an end this year.

Editorial: SF ballot measure recommendations

NEWS | By BAR Editorial Board | May 18

There are eight ballot propositions that San Francisco voters will decide on the June 7 ballot.

Queer Reading: Gay former MLB umpire pens memoir

BOOKS | By Roger Brigham | May 18

Gay retired Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott has written a new memoir where he discusses his relatively easy coming out process.

News Briefs: SF poster series highlights nonbinary artist

NEWS | By Cynthia Laird | May 18

The San Francisco Arts Commission's second Art on Market Street poster series for 2022 highlights a Black nonbinary artist.

Transmissions: This dichotomy we live in

NEWS | By Gwendolyn Ann Smith | May 18

The big trend in popular culture is the multiverse, as seen in films like "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" and "Everything Everywhere All at Once."

Oregon lesbians win gov primary, lead in House contest

LATEST NEWS | By Matthew S. Bajko | May 18

Oregon voters now have a chance to elect the first lesbian governor of a West Coast state and could send the first lesbian from the region to Congress following the outcome Tuesday in the state's party primaries.

LGBTQ Agenda: New podcast episode looks at late SF supe Harry Britt

LATEST NEWS | By Eric Burkett | May 17

Devlyn Camp, a genderqueer podcaster and — as it turns out — historian, talks about their work with a bubbly, contagious enthusiasm that comes across clearly on the phone even from 3,000 miles away.

SF gay man drops woman from libel suit

LATEST NEWS | By Eric Burkett | May 16

Gay San Francisco health advocate Gary McCoy has dropped one of the defendants in the $1.9 million lawsuit he filed May 9 after she reposted a Twitter meme accusing McCoy of murdering 1,500 people at the Tenderloin Linkage Center.

Urvashi Vaid, noted LGBTQ leader, dies

LATEST NEWS | By Heather Cassell | May 16

Pioneering Indian American LGBTQ leader, attorney, and author Urvashi Vaid died at a hospital in New York City May 14. She was 63.

Arts & Culture

Going Out, Homing's in, May 19-27 2022

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Jim Provenzano | May 19

Days and nights continue to fill up with festive fun in nightlife, arts and community events. Scroll on, and find your fave form of fun.

Trailer triple-play: 'Bros,' 'Fire Island,' & 'Queer as Folk' reboot

MOVIES | By Jim Provenzano | May 18

It's not even June yet, but our inbox has already been flooded with a barrage of Pride-related products, movies and TV shows. Take a look at trailers for two gay movies and a new reboot of a classic series.

'Downton Abbey: A New Era' - hit Brit sequel not so new, but not so bad

MOVIES | By Brian Bromberger | May 17

'Downton Abbey' never pretends to be anything more than what it is, a romanticized frothy soap opera fantasy with expensive china that will warm you like a well-worn angora sweater. The sequel adds a movie crew and a French villa gifted to Lady Grantham.

Margaret Cho: comic actress on her TV/film triple play

MOVIES | By Gregg Shapiro | May 17

Could there be an Emmy Award in Margaret Cho's future? In Hulu's "Fire Island," as well as on HBO Max's "The Flight Attendant," Cho's uncharacteristic restraint gives her queer characters, an admirable depth and humanity. She's also resumed stand-up gigs.

Lady Zen: acclaimed Jazz vocalist at Oasis

MUSIC | By Laura Moreno | May 17

Lady Zen is one of the best singers you may never have heard of. With operatic training and a natural feel for jazz, country music and the fusion of all three, she has been called a "shockingly good" singer.

Nyle DiMarcos's 'Deaf Utopia' - a memoir and a love letter to a way of life

BOOKS | By Jim Provenzano | May 17

Along with sharing details of his private life and family upbringing, Nyle DiMarco, model, actor and activist, offers some backstage gossip from his route to winning two reality show competitions. But this is more than a personal story.


Going Out, Homing's In, May 12-20, 2022

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Jim Provenzano | May 12

Good luck finding a more comprehensive, LGBTQ-inclusive collection of arts, nightlife and community event listings. Although it hasn't been in print for a while, we've been listing events all through the pandemic, and you can come on out like Munchkins.

Dogjoy: lesbian daring music duo

MUSIC | By Gregg Shapiro | May 10

Queer duos have been a part of the modern LGBTQ music landscape for years. Florida-based Dogjoy, a musical duo as well as a couple, are purveyors of daring edgy and evocative electropop.

Going Out, Homing's in, May 6-13, 2022

NIGHTLIFE EVENTS | By Jim Provenzano | May 5

May continues to blossom with fresh new arts, nightlife and community events, some with a bit of a gothic edge.

Tax status leads to scrutiny of leather nonprofit

NEWS | By Eric Burkett | May 4

The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance may not have had its financial house in order when it served as fiscal sponsor for the successful Queer Nightlife Fund that helped LGBTQs who lost their jobs during the COVID pandemic.

Bitch is back: queer singer-songwriter's new music

MUSIC | By Gregg Shapiro | May 3

Nine years after she released her last full-length disc "In Us We Trust," Bitch is back with "Bitchcraft" (Kill Rock Stars), an album that draws on all of her strengths with dazzling results.

Eli Conley: queer trans country artists to perform in East Bay

MUSIC | By David-Elijah Nahmod | May 3

On May 15, Eli Conley will perform in Queer Country West Coast at the Ivy Room in Albany. It's an afternoon show with Conley, Mya Byrne, Polythene Pam and Side Pony.