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Obituary: Peter John "Pete" Constantine Mousis

by BAR staff

Obituary: Peter John "Pete" Constantine Mousis

March 16, 1967 — November 30, 2018
Peter John "Pete" Constantine Mousis (March 16, 1967 — November 30, 2018) passed away surrounded by his family and love on November 30, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada after a brief battle with an illness. He is survived by his sister, Maria Christina; his nieces, Christina and Sonia; his nephew, Patrick; his great-niece Elephteria; and many friends worldwide.

Pete touched the lives of so many in deep and profound ways, and his passing has left a void in our hearts and lives. Pete was a kind, caring, generous, intelligent, humble, and beautiful human being and soul who loved unconditionally. It's difficult to reconcile his premature passing, but we should find comfort and solace in knowing he lived his life to the fullest, unabashedly and unapologetic; he was, finally, living the life he wanted and working at his dream job: wine maker. Pete worked at wineries in Napa, Sonoma, and Santa Barbara counties and Chile before taking his skills and expertise to Temecula Valley Winery Management.

Let's rejoice in all that he brought to our lives; and celebrate his life, love, spirit, memories, and amazing smile. He'll forever be in our hearts, memories, and loved.


  • Anonymous, 2019-01-04 15:57:30

    Peter also left a large circle of love behind in Seattle, Washington where he lived for several years during college. We knew him to be a fantastic chef who would spend his entire day preparing beautiful Greek cuisine with such warmth and generosity. I learned what philoxenia was from Peter. (The art of making a stranger into a friend). He also loved live bands and enjoyed sharing music at places like The Crocodile Cafe and The Comet Tavern. We saw the big Seattle music scene happen and it was awesome. Thank you so much to his family. The caring and love he reflected came from each of you. We are all hurting so much from this loss but will never stop celebrating and including Peter in our hearts, minds and lives.

  • Anonymous, 2019-01-20 07:03:37

    It is of great comfort to my family to know that my late Uncle Peter was genuinely loved and appreciated by those who knew him and considered him a friend. And although this an otherwise touching tribute to my dearly missed uncle, I take issue with one thing in this obituary. He had in fact THREE nieces, not two; Sonia, Christina, and Anastasia. And while he doted lovingly on all four us in life, it was with Anastasia that he did so the most as she is the youngest child of his one and only sister. As such, this small but blatant omission is neither correct nor acceptable. Those acquainted with my late uncle would have known that he had THREE nieces and one nephew; that is how much his niblings meant to him. Furthermore, were he still living, my uncle would not have taken kindly to any of his loved ones being overlooked. To the BAR staff, please get your info straight next time. -Patrick-Bruce, Peter’s nephew

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