Beyond Borders: Exploring the World an an LGBTQ Nomad

  • Tuesday November 28, 2023
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Beyond Borders: Exploring the World an an LGBTQ Nomad

Traveling the world is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It helps you learn a lot about yourself, explore different possibilities, and even find yourself if you are feeling lost. And while all these things are within reach, LGBTQIA+ travelers need to take more precautions than the average traveler due to safety reasons. Worry not - once you master these, you can get in on all the amazing perks travel offers!

How to Travel the World and Get the Most of Your Trips

Before any travel opportunity, it behooves you to consider things like your budget, documentation, itinerary, and timeline. Below are other things to add to this list for a comfortable yet amazing trip:

Always Have Valid Documentation

Every traveler must always have a valid passport when leaving the country, even if you are on a cruise or traveling by road. A valid passport allows you to fly back to the U.S. in an emergency and can help you expand your travel options. You may also need a visa to access some countries. If you are yet to get these documents, you can rely on Travel Visa Pro services to expedite the processing and get you sorted in days. Also, make copies of all your travel documents to allow you to report losses or thefts.

Please note that you may need to update your passport if:

• Your passport photo does not correspond with your gender identity,

• Your passport name does not match your gender identity,

• The country you wish to visit does not allow X as a gender marker on the passport.

These will only apply if you are traveling to a region where customs authorities often turn back LGBTQIA+ travelers due to passport issues.

Research Local Laws

While you may be accustomed to being with your partner in the open and may not think much of it while traveling, some countries ban LGBTQIA+ relationships. What does this mean?

• Public displays of affection can get you in trouble with the locals and the police,

• Signing up on dating apps as an LGBTQIA+ member may expose you to people who may want to nab you for your relationship preference, and

• Talking about your identity may rub some people wrong, resulting in legal woes.

Understanding how a country operates and whether pursuing romantic relationships can hinder your travel plans is best. Where LGBTQIA+ relationships are accepted, you don't need to hold back. But where such relationships are strongly opposed by the government and locals, engaging in such activities can be risky.

Don't Take Unnecessary Risks

Some countries have LGBTQIA+ laws that are in the gray area. Thus, pursuing relationships or attending meetings should not be an issue. The same goes for countries that openly accept all relationships. But in countries that have banned such relationships, take note of the following:

• Some people will pretend to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community just to blackmail you and get money from you,

• Authorities often monitor communication, and the police can arrest you for pursuing such a relationship, and

• Locals may report any behaviors they deem illegal.

Taking a risk might seem fun. But where getting caught means getting arrested or worse, leave the fun for when you get back to a safe country.

Travel in a Group

If you want to visit a country that is not exactly friendly to LGBTQIA travelers, it's best to do it as part of a group. These settings often help you mingle with other travelers in a safe environment. They also take the focus off you, especially where you think you stand out. Knowing you have people who can step in if anything goes wrong is a huge plus.

Even when traveling in a group, the following precautions are always helpful:

• Stay in a hotel or neighborhood which is safe and where the owners or managers are open to all travelers,

• Avoid traveling alone at night, especially to remote areas, and

• Inform your loved ones of your location.

You don't need to disclose your identity to anyone. Only do so if you want to and feel safe doing it.

Fight the Fear

Having to take more precautions than the average traveler can feel disheartening. It can even feel unfair. But remember that you are doing it to protect yourself so you can enjoy your trip more. What would the fun be in coming out only to land in jail? These precautions are the helpers that will get you into anti-LGBTQIA+ countries, helping you add more flags to the nations you have conquered.

Finally, buy travel insurance. This tip is not just for LGBTQIA+ travelers but for everyone traveling abroad. Losing luggage, delayed flights, and other mishaps are more common than you think. You can stay ahead of these surprises by having reliable insurance.