Challenges of Finding Love as an LGBTQ+ Person

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  • Friday June 24, 2022
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Challenges of Finding Love as an LGBTQ+ Person

Those who are not members of the LGBTQ+ community usually have a much easier time dating new people. There are quite a few things that are easier when it comes to being straight that most straight people wouldn't even think about. At the same time, these can be big problems LGBTQ+ individuals face.

Dating is hard in itself already and finding ways to make it easier for anyone involved is always important. Here are some challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces when it comes to dating and ways to help make finding love easier.

The process of finding love

When it comes to people both inside and outside the LGBTQ+ community, everybody is looking for certain things in a partner. You want to find someone who shares similar interests, who can make you laugh, and whom you can talk to for hours and be able to fully trust. Every person might need something different from a relationship, but mutual trust, love, and honesty are always necessary for building a long-lasting and rewarding relationship with someone.

One of the things that mainstream media and movies don't portray accurately is the process of finding love in our day and time. Whether you are straight or part of the LGBTQ+ community, the idea of someone simply falling in love with you and approaching you with their feelings isn't something that happens. Getting in a relationship with someone will take time, and you will have to risk getting hurt and spending time on people who might not deserve it.

Knowing whether someone likes you back

One of the biggest challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces is to know when someone you have a crush on likes you back. Straight individuals have a much easier time socializing and asking people out since they have more chances of hitting on someone who could possibly like them back. LGBTQ+ individuals have a harder time finding themselves in such situations, mainly because of how straight people tend to perceive this kind of attention from someone in who they are not interested.

Especially when it comes to many cis men, they will go out of their way to point out that they are not gay. Homophobic violence is one of the issues that still cause a lot of fear and uncertainty in the dating scene of many gay men.

Situations like these can make an LGBTQ+ person feel very uncomfortable and self-conscious. Considering most of these people don't feel safe enough to come out to their families and friends, facing rejection in such a way can be detrimental to one's confidence.

In addition, something else that makes it difficult to find love for an LGBTQ+ person is the fact that many people will misinterpret your intentions. For example, if you are a lesbian, there is a high chance that friends will think you are hitting on them too if you start talking to them about a girl you like. This is also very disheartening and having to explain why you don't like them, especially if they are a close friend and are straight can be exhausting to deal with.

The worst thing is how it takes away from your ability to talk about your romantic experiences with the people closest to you. While this doesn't directly affect the process of finding a partner, it can hold you back from feeling confident enough to put yourself out there and pursue a relationship.

Don't give up on dating apps

Living in a smaller town or city with a small LGBTQ+ community greatly reduces the people you will be able to connect with. While this situation is better in bigger cities, the means through which you can meet other LGBTQ+ people are not many. Most people tend to involve themselves in youth groups and activism in order to broader their circle and find more people to connect with.

This is exactly why dating apps have become one of the best ways to meet new people and simplify the dating process for an LGBTQ+ person. Most LGBTQ+ friendly apps offer options such as lesbian, gay, or transgender dating sections, where everyone is free to meet people they will truly connect with.

This is far superior to regular dating apps, which mainly include straight people. These are very limited to certain sexualities and gender identities and might not allow you to fully express who you are. It is also a possibility that you might not have come out to your family and friends. Since so many people use dating apps these days, a dating app that is not meant for the LGBTQ+ community might bring your profile in front of someone who knows you.

Coming out in this way might be very difficult to deal with, especially if you know that there are people in your family who won't accept it right away. Therefore, an LGBTQ+ dating app is an amazing option for you to find love and feel safe while doing so.

Moreover, meeting people online takes a lot of pressure off of putting yourself out there and having to wonder whether the other person likes you back. Talking to people online can help you open up a lot easier and talk with more confidence. Many people have mentioned that talking over the internet allows them to vocalize their thoughts a lot easier and helps them get to know someone better. This can help you get a date with someone special a lot easier.

Start by working on yourself

Love is not easy and it takes hard work to make relationships work. You need to be prepared to put yourself out there and show people you are not afraid of being who you are. One of the things that make the challenges a lot easier is working on you and accepting your sexuality and gender identity.

When you start to feel more comfortable in your own skin, it will be much easier for you to approach new people, no matter the outcome. This certainly doesn't happen overnight and you don't have to worry about being perfect for the person you will date. Continue working on yourself even while you date and make sure to find someone who will support you in every step of your journey.

Don't let difficulties hold you back from finding love

Dating as an LGBTQ+ person might be more difficult in some aspects, but it's also not impossible. Dating apps have really simplified the process of finding someone you are compatible with and play an important role in LGBTQ+ dating.

Make sure that you surround yourself with people who care about you and provide you with a support system that doesn't judge who you find attractive. This is the best way to gain more strength and overcome all the challenges your dating life might present you with.