Bay Area Reporter revives YouTube channel

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Sunday March 14, 2021
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Bay Area Reporter revives YouTube channel

In the "better late than never" department, the Bay Area Reporter has revived its YouTube channel in preparation for its April 2021 50th anniversary. The BAR's channel currently consists of playlists relating to the newspaper, but will soon include original content.

Through the next year, the publication's staff, writers and guests will host and be guests in monthly chats celebrating the BAR's half-century. Discussions of the paper's early days, coverage of the San Francisco LGBT community, are tentatively scheduled for once a month or more through April 2022.

But first, in order to get a custom URL, instead of the long address below, YouTube requires 100 subscribers or more.

Please subscribe and check out our growing playlists of panel chats, videos from Gay Games events, and classic music performances. LGBT news, arts, parades, protests, historical events and discussions with current and former writers and editors are included.

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BAR on YouTube

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