Letters to the editor

  • by BAR staff
  • Wednesday March 2, 2022
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Letters to the editor

Log Cabin directs ire at wrong person

Somewhat predictably Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran blasts President Joe Biden as "feckless and weak" in his response to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, an act for which the United States has few good options to respond to. Moran describes Russia's government under Vladimir Putin in the same press release as a "totalitarian regime."

Perhaps Moran's ire should be directed toward former President Donald Trump, who even after the Russian attack had commenced, had described it as "genius" and "wonderful." Trump further praised Putin in the same interview as a "peacekeeper"? If Moran is so willing to condemn the sitting president for not coming to Ukraine's defense then perhaps he should also direct his anger at Trump, who held up military aid to the Ukraine on the condition that its government announce an investigation of Hunter Biden?

Russia's intervention in the Ukraine does not affect the national security of the United States, and there are good reasons that the Biden administration should not escalate the conflict by sending American troops into Eastern Europe. And of course, the West should open its doors to refugees, including LGBTQ Ukrainians, from the conflict. However, there is a difference between staying neutral in the conflict and outright praise of Putin, as Trump, whom Moran and his organization still regard as fit to serve as president, has done. The Log Cabin Republican news release describes the world as watching the Russian invasion "in horror" yet that organization cannot disassociate itself from the former president who evidently admires Putin's brutality. How smart is that?

Colin Gallagher

San Francisco

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