Letters to the editor

  • Wednesday May 5, 2021
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Letters to the editor

Lucky Strike or unlucky stroke?

Leafing through the current Bay Area Reporter print issue [April 29] I was rather amazed to see a full-page ad supporting cigarette smoking. I never noticed this before, assuming that this weekly rag did not encourage and promote smoking in the gay community. I guess I was wrong. Even during these times of COVID-19, when our health and science professionals list smoking as a major cause of infection — not to mention tobacco use linked to nearly every disease imaginable — the B.A.R. chooses to ignore the evidence and push the product, choosing blood money over health.

Hmmm, maybe it's just time to dump the publication, once and for all. We all know that the quality of its journalism has been deteriorating for a long time, pandemic or not. The paper once used discretion in advertising, but those days are apparently long gone. It will still be online, where readers don't have to be insulted by cigarette ads. What a great way to celebrate your 50th anniversary!

So, what is this product you so recommend? Lucky Strike ... or do you mean unlucky stroke?

James Miller

San Francisco

Lucky Strike-out

This is to inform you that I will not pick up and read another issue of your paper or patronize any of your advertisers as long as you run advertisements for cigarettes. What in the world are you thinking?

Allen Carson

San Francisco

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