Letters to the editor

  • by BAR staff
  • Wednesday June 17, 2020
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Letters to the editor

'Cavalier bros' put others at risk

Driving past 18th and Castro streets last Saturday afternoon, I was stunned to see a throng — gay men mainly — with face masks off, crowding an area where sidewalk tables had been set out by the establishment near the bus stop where Muni passengers have no choice but to wait for transportation.

Haven't these guys heard of the coronavirus? Safe social distancing? Is their entitlement and urge to party more important than protecting other people's lives? Have they learned nothing or are we seeing a reincarnation of the bug-chasers of the AIDS epidemic who went out like lemmings with the goal of getting infected with HIV when there were no effective drugs to combat that mortal disease?

Whatever their justifications, these cavalier bros disgrace the LGBT community and a nation where 117,000 have already died and 200,000 will likely be dead come September. They also dishonor our overburdened health care workers and people who will become sick only to find no available hospital beds or care. The business, which facilitates them with no regard for public safety, and they deserve round condemnation.

Adrian Brooks

San Francisco

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