Don't mess up workable plaza design

  • by BAR staff
  • Wednesday November 29, 2017
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Don't mess up workable plaza design

Don't mess up workable plaza design

Count me in agreement with Paul Turner and Joe Mac [Mailstrom, November 23] with questions about the renovation of Harvey Milk Plaza. Leave it to the Castro powers-that-be to spend money foolishly and mess up a workable design. The LGBT Community Center has been a white elephant since it was established with a poor design in a poor location. The benches at Harvey Milk Plaza have come, gone, come, and gone again. Jane Warner Plaza is yet another. Intentions are good, but it's hard to keep anything nice in San Francisco.

The current design of Harvey Milk Plaza at the Castro Muni station serves people well from three bus lines, 35, 37, 24, along with the F-Line. An entrance on the Collingwood side makes little sense. This would create a longer walk for seniors and people with disabilities. Also, keep in mind that this part of the plaza gets maybe four months of sun per year at most.

Those spearheading this renovation should focus more on creating businesses that will bring people into the neighborhood. Empty storefronts, which are numerous, are not good. Common sense goes a long way.

Phil Points

San Francisco