Stay Ahead of the Curve: Pavilion Payments Introduces Groundbreaking Innovations

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  • Tuesday November 21, 2023
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Stay Ahead of the Curve: Pavilion Payments Introduces Groundbreaking Innovations

As online gaming continues to entrench itself as a favorite pastime, the demand for fast and reliable payment options is at an all-time high. iGaming platforms must now consider reliable payment partners in board meetings on the same priority level as gaming content and user experience. To solve this problem, many iGaming platforms are turning to payment solution providers to ensure an excellent customer experience when accessing money.

Funding and withdrawing from your account is one of the most essential factors for players when playing games online. While the fun and thrill associated with gameplay mechanics are great for attracting customers, nothing beats immediate deposits and access to your winnings.

Unfortunately, bank transfers and other traditional banking methods cannot grant cash advances or quick access to your gaming funds as needed. In this article by online gaming expert Ella Houghton, we look at some of the alternative payment methods to traditional banking being offered by Pavilion Payments.

Unlocking the Future of Payments

Although recently formed, Pavilion Payments is not a newcomer to the industry. The company split from its former parent company, Global Payments Inc., earlier this year after an acquisition by a private equity firm, Parthenon Capital. The purchase saw the company assemble a team of strong and experienced professionals in the gaming industry with a mission of building a reliable payment solutions company that makes financial transactions seamless for players and gaming platforms.

An Insight Into The Innovative Payment Solutions Offered by Pavilion

Pavilion Payments offers several innovative solutions to the industry, including the following:

• Cashless Gaming: Pavilion Payments has continued its cashless gaming product, ensuring players can fund, reload, and retrieve winnings on gaming floors and tables without needing cash. This product works through a digital wallet that players can connect to whatever table they are playing at by scanning a QR code. Once scanned, you can top up or withdraw funds from the table.

• Advance Cash: Through a "play now, pay later" program, Pavilion allows you to wager in gaming rooms, even if you do not have the funds right now. According to the company, the PlayerCash Advantage product is trusted by over 400 casinos and best gaming platforms for entertainment in North America.

• E-Check: Pavilion also offers a unique E-Check payment solution that enables you to top up wagers and delay e-check settlements from your account until a later date, all in real-time.

• Security: Pavilion uses a three-tier layer security system that consists of EMV, encryption, and tokenization that masks customer information during transactions. These security layers ensure the highest form of privacy and protection for financial data, ensuring you are one step ahead of prying eyes and malware.

These features ensure gamers can enjoy a stress-free gaming experience without worrying about extended transaction times, while platforms can focus on delivering excellent gaming content and user experience.


With the increasing demand for fast and reliable payment options, innovative payment providers such as Pavilion Payments continue revolutionizing the iGaming industry. Through cashless gaming, advance cash, E-Check, and a robust security system, Pavilion Payments offers a seamless financial transaction experience for players and gaming platforms.