Editorial: Vote for Biden in the primary

  • by BAR Editorial Board
  • Wednesday January 24, 2024
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President Joe Biden. Photo: Courtesy the White House
President Joe Biden. Photo: Courtesy the White House

There's not much excitement in the upcoming primary as far as the presidential race goes. Years ago California lawmakers moved the traditional June primary to March in presidential election years to have more influence as a Super Tuesday state. And this year, with President Joe Biden basically running unopposed on the Democratic side, and former President Donald Trump moving toward wrapping up the Republican nomination, there isn't much enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, the Bay Area Reporter endorses Biden for a second term and urges people to vote in the upcoming primary. We know Biden faces a tough reelection fight, but the president is far superior on the issues, especially regarding the LGBTQ community. Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act in 2022 that repealed the discriminatory federal Defense of Marriage Act, and the president has been constant in his support for the transgender community, particularly trans youth.

The real fight in the presidential race begins after the primaries, and the thought of Trump back in the White House is scary and deeply concerning. If you care about democracy, it should be worrisome. We have no doubt Biden will win the California primary, and a strong show of support will send a message to Trump that the Golden State remains deep blue.

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