Letters to the editor

  • by BAR staff
  • Wednesday May 25, 2022
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Letters to the editor

Appalled at SF Pride decision on police

I am totally appalled at the disrespect of the San Francisco Pride committee board banning our dedicated police and fire teams from the parade ["LGBTQ first responders won't march in SF Pride parade," online, May 23].

These are the people on the streets every day protecting us, caring for us. This, and other decisions, like voting down security cameras from the Castro (which SF Pride was not involved with) help precipitate the condition of San Francisco — once the great city to live in and welcome visitors and now a disgrace and embarrassment to say the least. Wake up people, please.

As the San Francisco Police Officers Pride Alliance stated, "We shared stories of the courage it took to serve as both a peace officer and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. The board of SF Pride offered only one option: that LGBTQ+ peace officers hang up their uniforms, put them back in the closet, and march in civilian attire."

Gene Tygielski

Rio Nido, California

SF Pride board doesn't speak for me

The San Francisco Pride board does not speak for me. I read with dismay that the San Francisco Pride board voted not to allow San Francisco Police Department officers to march in the parade this year in their uniforms. I offer my thoughts as a gay man. This decision is about grandstanding and virtue signaling, designed to co-opt hatred of police as a gay value. It is neither my gay value nor that of anyone I know. I support the police, while at the same time I see issues that need improvement. Thank God for gay cops changing the system from within. The relationship between the LGBTQ community and police is far from perfect but so much better than in decades past.

The Pride board is hypocritical and homophobic in bowing to the complaints of one small part of our vast community. I support LGBTQ police and support their right to march in their uniforms. Apparently the hatred and fear of some in our community outweighs the inclusivity and diversity that we claim to want for ourselves. Inclusion means including groups we may not agree with. I know it's upsetting to me when LGBTQs are not welcome in events when everyone else is. Take the St. Patrick's Day parade in Boston for example or the Boy Scouts for decades. How offended, angry, and hurt we all are and yet we sit here and watch our San Francisco Pride board do the exact same thing to LGBTQ cops. The board offers excuses but what it is promoting is hate. I find the decision disgusting and I will not be attending pride this year after attending nearly every year since I moved to the Bay Area in 1988. I hope the SFPD, San Francisco Fire Department, and San Francisco Sheriff's Department see this letter and know that not all in the community feel this hate toward them.

Joe Barrett

Oakland, California

Support Malia Cohen for controller

We are writing to encourage LGBTQ+ voters to support Malia Cohen for California state controller.

Cohen has always been a fierce and effective advocate for LGBTQ+ issues. Just one example is her 2015 legislation requiring the San Francisco Police Department to report quarterly on how many complaints the Office of Citizen Complaints says are based on gender identity or other factors.

Controller is the second most powerful state constitutional office, and we believe Cohen will bring the fearless fiscal leadership California needs.

In Cohen's role as chair of California's state Board of Equalization, she has served as a watchdog for over $80 billion in California taxes that directly fund our schools and local governments. She has cut wasteful spending and launched a much-needed modernization initiative to ensure the administration of our taxes is fair and effective.

All of us know someone who suffered greatly due to mismanagement that caused people not to receive their unemployment or other benefits. We are ready for a "no excuses" controller who will get the job done.

Bevan Dufty, BART Director; Honey Mahogany, Chair SF Democratic Party; Alex Randolph, City College Trustee Emeritus; Shanell Williams, City College Trustee; Keith Baraka, 2nd Vice Chair, SF Democratic Party

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