Letters to the editor

  • by BAR staff
  • Wednesday September 29, 2021
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Letters to the editor

Country club a sober space

In reference to your article on Terry Beswick's new position with the Golden Gate Business Association ["Beswick hired to lead LGBTQ biz group," September 23], you referred to his past work with the Castro Country Club and called it a "sobering center," not exactly an accurate description. A sobering center would be a place where people actively intoxicated on alcohol or drugs are taken to come down from their high, which definitely has its purpose, but that's not what the CCC is.

The Castro Country Club would be more accurately described as a "sober space" where recovery meetings happen. It's also a place where volunteers run a coffee and snack bar open to all, with an outdoor deck where people can relax and talk with sponsors or friends.

Larry-bob Roberts

San Francisco

[Editor's note: The online version of the article has been updated to reflect the more accurate description of the Castro Country Club.]

Soot will cover Milk plaza glass

As one of those who believes that Harvey Milk Plaza could be improved with minor cosmetics, and would, I think, cost way less than the estimated $10 million, (which, if you've lived in San Francisco for longer than an hour, you know that that number will balloon to twice that amount), I admit that the current offered plan is much better than previous ones ["SF arts panel backs latest Milk plaza design," September 23].

I do have some concerns. I live right on Upper Market (just above the Castro) and I know that it is almost impossible to keep glass clean for longer than a few days. With four lanes of traffic, buses, trucks, cars, motorized cable cars, etc., the soot and dust generated is enormous and dirty. Good luck on keeping the glass, rose-colored overhang clean.

And with all due respect to Cleve Jones, it's an exaggeration to call the current steps "a death trap." Muni has been my only form of transportation for the last 36 years and I walk those steps almost daily. I have never seen anyone fall, ever. I've seen a few stumble on the escalator and once I saw a drag queen wearing 10-inch heels, earbuds in, on her phone, carrying a large coffee, singing and twirling to Lady Gaga, bump into a few people but other than that, no major or minor accidents.

I also like telling people that the steps are the only ones at any Muni station that aren't "straight." It's the little things, I guess.

I still wish the plan included a statue of Milk on the sidewalk. I think the new saying would become, "meet me at the Harvey statue" and that would especially peek the interest of anyone unfamiliar with Milk to want to find out more. His legacy would continue.

I remain hopeful. Peace, love, and laughter.

Joe Mac

San Francisco

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