Treatment of AVM

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  • Monday September 13, 2021
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Treatment of AVM

Treatment of AVM

Arteriovenous malformation or AVM is an abnormal connection of blood vessels in the lungs, brain, or spinal cord. This disease usually has no pronounced symptoms. As a rule, clinical manifestations depend on the localization of vascular neoplasm. Sometimes arteriovenous malformation can cause neurological disorders, pain, or epilepsy attacks. In the most dangerous cases, it can trigger stroke, pulmonary hemorrhage, and brain abscess.

Treatment options for the AVM

Today the existing standards include four methods of therapy of patients with AVM, i.e. surgery, radiosurgery, intravascular embolization, and conservative treatment. The approach to determining the type of treatment is highly subjective. The choice of one or another type of treatment is strongly influenced by the competence of the physician who first examined the patient with the malformation, as well as the lack of strong recommendations regarding the preferable method of treatment.

The most important issues influencing the choice are the anatomical features and location of the pathological mass, as well as its relationship with the neighboring structures. The most common strategy for the treatment of arteriovenous malformations is dynamic monitoring followed by radiosurgical or neurosurgical treatment when the risks from the presence of the AVM exceed the possible side effects of treatment.

Surgery as an option for the treatment of AVM consists of partial or total microsurgical resection. The more radical the resection is, the higher the chances for a complete cure are. Total resection with complete disconnection of the malformation from the systemic blood flow is possible only in small, superficially located anomalies.

With large and deeply located vascular malformations, resection may lead to irreversible complications. In such cases, other treatment methods are preferred, such as embolization or coiling. It should be noted that the technical capabilities are modified and improved every year, so the range of surgical treatments of vascular malformations is expanding constantly.

Embolization has different variations. These include transarterial, transvenous, and percutaneous embolization. The goal of this technique for AVM treatment is to block the blood vessel that is supplying the malformation. Various embolization agents are used for this purpose.

Where to search for the hospitals for AVM treatment?

Germany is known worldwide for excellent medical services in the neurology field. Whether you go to a private German clinic or to one of the state hospitals, you'll meet competent physicians who are committed to fighting for your health.

Traditionally, neurology hospitals deal with conservative treatment of diseases. In cases where surgical intervention is required, it is often necessary to turn to neurosurgery centers. After this, the patient returns to the department of neurology or a specialized center for rehabilitation.

The best neurosurgical hospitals in Germany for the treatment of arteriovenous malformation (AVM) are:

Sana Hospital Duisburg

Charite University Hospital Berlin

University Hospital Freiburg

University Hospital Frankfurt-am-Main

University Hospital Wuerzburg

The full list of the the best neurosurgical hospitals in Germany is available by the link.

Treatment of AVM during the lockdown

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