Gay psychic coming to northern CA

  • by David Duran
  • Wednesday July 25, 2012
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Gay psychic medium Jeff Baker will be coming to northern California next weekend to keynote at the Gaia Festival.

The festival, at the Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville (Mendocino County) is a three-day music and sustainable living fair featuring artists of many genres, each with a positive message. Through workshops and presentations speakers will host discussions on topics like environmental stewardship, communal living, plant spirit and psychedelic medicine, shamanism, and spirituality.

Baker is a producer of the festival.

"I am very excited about this unique festival, I am partnering with longtime friends for the Gaia Festival, which is a small town festival focusing on community, holding space for freedom and love, safety and joyous fun and the opportunity to spread this reality as far as we can," Baker said in a phone interview.

He said that organizers would love to expand the festival but enjoy the smaller, more personalized event.

This year's headliner is Michael Franti.

"We are also incorporating educational speakers and classes and a kid-friendly atmosphere to harbor or foster the experience of genuine love and acceptance equally for all," said Baker.

Baker's partners, Black Road Productions, have been having festivals on the "sacred and beautiful ground" for the last 21 years. Previous to their successful festival adventures, they have been in the music industry for 40-plus years.

"They bring experience, love, gratitude, and knowledge for both music and consciousness," he said.

The festival is a combination of music, fun, knowledge and tradition, experienced speakers and teachers.

Baker, 36, who will be teaching and speaking at Gaia said, "I am honored and humbled to be teaching some of the modality, reading for patrons and friends, and doing short healing sessions all weekend long."

This festival also means a great deal to Baker on a personal note, as it was the beginning of healing for him with regards to the loss of his lover, Brett Allen Preston.

Baker just celebrated his 26th anniversary in the practice of empathic healing, or "pushing through," as he calls it.

"There's no real official answer, it started for me when I started this life but I formally began practicing and training others in the modality when I was 11 years old," said Baker.

Baker who prefers the title empathic, admits that under that description, comes psychic, medium, and paranormal investigator.

Baker has a thriving healing practice, which has mostly come from medical validation in journals, articles, and word of mouth.

"I love the healing work and it is definitely one of the most difficult functions of the modality and for sure the most extensive time wise," he said. "But I have a broad spectrum, healing, readings, medium ship, classes, lectures, government work, missing and murder cases, paranormal disturbances, haunts, production, writing, and many other adventures."

Baker's new production company, Burn It To The Ground, is currently working on the Gaia Festival, but also has a television show in pre-production, a series for the LGBT community, a haunted house production in New Mexico, three movies, and seven books in process.

Tickets for the Gaia Festival can be purchased for one day ($80), weekend ($185) or all three days ($195).


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