Top Strategies and Predictions For Las Vegas Raiders, Experts Say

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  • Tuesday September 19, 2023
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Top Strategies and Predictions For Las Vegas Raiders, Experts Say

The Las Vegas Raiders have been making rounds on media outlets for discussions and insights amongst football enthusiasts and analysts. With recent news on their roster and updates on head coaches, expectations rise for the current preseason and upcoming season performances. Nevertheless, it's heating up with more news coming.

So, in this article, we'll provide our takes on how the Las Vegas Raiders are holding up and what other insights we can provide to set your expectations for their upcoming games.

An Overview of Las Vegas Raiderst

The Las Vegas Raiders is part of the NFL's ACL West division and has shown a strong presence in NFL odds with its highlights and lowlights over the past seasons. Their 2023 NFL standings are excellent, so fans have high hopes for them this season. To stay competitive and ahead against other teams, several critical areas of training and management need to be considered.

Keeping A Rigid Defensive Run

One of the most consistent talks amongst Las Vegas Raiders is their need to reevaluate their defensive performance. Improving the defensive and secondary line is crucial for recovering wins.

We recall the recent news and criticisms about Radier's defensive performance for its difficulty creating turnover openings. And most of the criticisms refer to starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's defensive performance against Bennett, Spillane, Pola-Mao, and Grant. Nevertheless, Garoppolo has to step up as his performance is inconsistent with his recent training runs in their team facilities.

On the other hand, we have seen players maximizing their experiences on Radier's training camp in Henderson, specifically with Zamir White's impressive 2022 performance, who has a phenomenal recruitment pedigree and played with Abdullah and Bolden. If top-performing players were ever to go out in Raiders, Zamir White could be an excellent secondary or first-quarter player in their coming games.

Improving Offensive Lines, New Potential

The Raider's offense has shown great potential to step up this preseason. The Las Vegas Raiders got a good run from their offensive tackles last season. And one of the highlights is the excellent tandem between offensive players Kolton Miller and Jermaine Eluemunor on the ends of the offensive line.

New Talents, Opportunities for Trade-Ins

Improving special teams, new members, and position changes could provide the edge to close more games.

Thayer Munford is rising the roster as a potential starting right tackle and taking first-team reps early. This former Ohio State Buckeye has held onto that potential ever since. Also, Jermaine Eluemunor came up to pit with Miller as the opposite of Miller. But it doesn't mean Eluemunor can be the better player in a correct tackle despite his statistics due to his tendency to lead tackles to penalties in 2022 and false start errors during in-team sessions.

Coping With Injuries, Substitutions

Ensuring that critical athletes within Raiders remain in perfect health and implementing proper conditioning to mitigate injury risks or even going out of play after the preseason. Significantly, the Raiders have to consider their recent loss with running back Austin Walter from the reserve/secondary list out of the lineup due to an undisclosed injury report.

This issue further worsens the need for another reserve running back as veteran Josh Jacobs goes missing due to a contract dispute with the organization. They are left with five proper running backs, including Zamir White, who has been maximizing the opportunity and a potential starter to replace Jacobs. Other than that, there could be an open slot for rookie sign-ins or free agents.

Draft Pick Potentials For Wilson And Mayer

On the other side of the coin, there are particular insights for key draft athletes that could serve long-term advantage with the Raiders with new draftees Tyree Wilson and Michael Mayer.

Tyree Wilson

After a subpar first-year performance in Las Vegas, Tyree Wilson has been allowed to claim the starting job as a rookie. Based on their last performance, Wilson was a proper defender and was drafted to replace the veteran Chandler Jones. Opportunities, especially his in-training experiences and preseason games, may come closer than expected.

However, keep looking for his recent injury report, as Wilson has been on the sideline with an injury incurred mid-November. Knowing how injury reports go may diminish his impact, at least in Wilson's early stages.

Michael Mayer

Having the highest statistics of the draft class, Mayer should have little trouble with Raider's getting the starting job. Considering that Adams and Jakobi Meyers got options one and two for offensive lineups, Mayer can get option three for grabs—a good draft potential for bringing up the Raiders offensive power.

Final Thoughts

The Raiders opened a moment with opportunities and season-affecting challenges. Experts agree that converting in-training performances to their upcoming games is vital to success. Predictions for the season may vary as we're still in the mid-year season, but the points above see an opportunity to grow past setbacks and losses.

Whether you're a hardcore Raiders fan or a general bettor, the upcoming games with Raiders are something to look forward to. So keep a good eye on their developments, new roster lineups, and field performance this season and the next.