The impact of sexual orientation on student life and learning: challenges and advantages

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  • Tuesday June 20, 2023
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The impact of sexual orientation on student life and learning: challenges and advantages

If you think that college life is one of the greatest periods in the life of any person, you are right. If you think that it is one of the most difficult and challenging periods in everyone's life, you are once again right. Young people can face many issues that will have an impact on their student life, but maybe one of the most complicated is sexual orientation.

In most cases, by the time they go to college, young people understand what kind of sexual orientation they have. But if not, then one of the most nervous and hectic period of time will coincide with a difficult process of understanding your personal preferences. In this article, we would like to discuss what kind of influence it can have on students' lives.

Coming out

Previously it was considered that coming out meant voluntarily informing other people about your sexual preferences. But later, and in our opinion, it is more correct, coming out should be divided into two stages. Your personal understanding of your preferences and then your public coming out. Both these stages are not as easy as they may seem at first. A young person usually has a lot of hesitations, especially if, in his social circle, there are no other homosexual or heterosexual people. If, at the same time, these emotional worries of the student coincide with problems during studies, such a situation can turn into depression or serious emotional disorder. In order to at least make it easier with studies and get rid of additional sources of irritation, we can recommend finding a way to decrease the number of assignments you have to do. For example, you can find a reliable writing service that will be able to help you out with essays. You can order essay writing from speedypaper.comand be absolutely sure that all your tasks will be done on time and in accordance with your detailed instructions.

tAcceptance by the society

Another difficult process can be the acceptance of your sexual orientation by those people you communicate with every day. Some people can still have prejudice and change their opinion about the person in case they don't understand their sexual orientation. Only in a perfect world can we expect equal treatment. But unfortunately, it's impossible. And for any person, a sharp break-up in any kind of relationship is a very difficult experience and can once again turn into depression.

Sexual orientation and Sport

If an athlete decides to come out of the closet, it can also be a traumatic experience. For sure, you know some gay ice skaters and athletes from other artistic kinds of sports. But if we talk about hockey or football, it's a rare case for players to reveal their sexual preferences. And we are once again returning to prejudice that still exists in our society. Of course, it's possible that no one will not say anything directly, but the atmosphere in a team can become unbearable, and everyone will blame the person who changed something. In such cases, rather often after coming out, people forget about their usual hobbies and interests and turn inward. In such a situation, the support of close people is very important because if the person loses the possibility to do what they love, they can forget about everything. Even about studies. Friends and family in such cases should support the student in case of necessity, direct him a little bit, or help to cope at least with home tasks. The easiest way is to recommend using in order not to worry at least about academic results.

When talking about advantages, the main one that we see is that you don't have to hide anything from your family, friends, and teachers. This way, you are freer to do whatever you want, to express yourself the way you want, and not to worry about what other people would say. Another positive thing is that you don't have to be afraid that someone will see you with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and the truth will be revealed not the way you want.

In a nutshell, you have to remember that freedom is the right you have from birth, but at the same time, your freedom ends where the freedom of other people begins. We have to respect each other and try not to judge if we don't understand something. To be different is normal, to love different things is normal, and not to make everyone agree with your point of view is also normal. We are different, and that is what makes our planet so diverse and beautiful.