How Online Gambling is Becoming More Accessible to Everyone

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  • Wednesday May 10, 2023
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How Online Gambling is Becoming More Accessible to Everyone

Democratizing Online Gambling: What's Making Gaming More Accessible?

A report from Analytics Insights says that Canada is home to over 19.3 million active online gamblers. The reason for this astounding figure is not far-fetched. First, gambling online overcomes most limitations that riddled traditional land-based casinos, especially flexibility and accessibility.

Also, it provides multiple options to cater to players of all kinds. For instance, players on a tight budget can easily visit a 5 dollar deposit casino to play their favorite titles and make potential winnings.

Democratizing Online Gambling

Democratization of online gambling involves making the activity more accessible and inclusive for a wider range of individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographical location.

As mentioned above, one major problem of traditional gambling is the lack of accessibility. For instance, land-based casinos are only accessible to Canadian players who can afford to travel to them and have limited operating hours. Additionally, they encourage the social stigma attached to gambling, discouraging some people from participating in the activity.

However, thanks to technological advancements and changing regulations, everyone can seamlessly access their favourite casino game titles today without time and location constraints.

This article will discuss the main factors that help democratize internet gambling and break down accessibility barriers. Let's get into it!

Accessibility of Mobile Devices

According to Oberlo, the number of global smartphone users is evaluated at 6.8 billion, over 80% of the world population. This is a staggering growth, considering the figure was just 3.7 billion in 2016. This widespread penetration of mobile devices is one of the significant factors that democratize virtual gambling, allowing more people than ever to play online casino titles for real money. With mobile apps, smartphones also allow players to access their favourite games on the go, whether they are commuting or waiting in line.

So how mobile devices have made gambling more accessible, convenient, and inclusive via casino sites and mobile apps?


Mobile devices are portable, making online gambling accessible anytime, anywhere.


Users can easily access online gambling apps and websites on their mobile devices.


Mobile devices allow users to gamble in private without drawing attention to themselves.


Mobile devices provide access to online gambling for people who may not have a desktop or laptop.


Mobile devices offer a fast and efficient way to place bets and play slot games if you know slots' ins and outs.

Internet Penetration

Beyond having a mobile device, the internet is needed for accessing virtual casinos. According to Statista, the number of global internet users was 5.16 billion as of January 2023; that's 64.4% of the world population. This statistic reveals a staggering growth from 3.2 billion in 2018, showing the rapid increase in the number of people with internet access in just the last six years.

With internet penetration reaching more remote areas globally, more previously excluded people can access and play casino games for real money, democratizing Internet gambling more. Furthermore, the evolution of high-speed internet, such as 5G, provides a more immersive gambling experience. For instance, players can enjoy 3D online slots with stunning visual effects, immersive soundtracks, and exceptional storylines without worrying about slow load times or lagging.

Furthermore, quality internet enables players to enjoy other realistic online casino experiences like live streaming, live dealer games, video poker, etc. These top-notch experiences draw more interest to internet gambling, making it more accessible.

Changing Regulations

Democratization gambling is not limited to technological factors. In the past, most countries had strict regulations governing internet gambling, disallowing people from playing virtual casino games for real money. However, many countries are gradually relaxing these regulations in recent years due to the rising popularity of virtual casinos and the need to generate revenue. Therefore, changing regulations provide more people from more locations access to online casino platforms.

Besides granting gambling businesses access to new markets, changing regulations have made internet gambling more transparent and safer. For example, many countries now require online casinos to obtain licences from reputable authorities and adhere to strict rules to protect players' rights and prevent fraud.

These new developments help democratize Internet gambling by opening doors for people previously blocked by their country's laws or afraid of legal troubles.

Offshore Online Casinos

Notably, technological advancements make gambling online accessible in some countries with strict gambling regulations. For instance, some countries prohibit the operation of gambling brands within their jurisdictions but don't have any specific laws regarding offshore online casinos. Thanks to the increased internet penetration, players from these areas can visit offshore sites that allow them and play their favourite casino game titles without attracting legal trouble.

Today, online casino platforms do not only open their virtual doors to players in countries where gambling is not legalized but also tailor their services to them, featuring their languages and accepting their currencies as payment methods. If you are considering playing at an offshore online casino, ensure it has all the following:

A licence from a reputable iGaming authority

Excellent reputation

Wide range of payment methods

Extensive game library, including online slots, table games, etc.

Responsive customer service

Flexible Payments

In its early days, internet gambling was only accessible to players with access to traditional payment methods like credit and debit cards. However, advancements in payment technology have proven effective in democratizing gambling online by providing players who were previously limited by payment with a wide range of flexible payment options.

Below are popular payment methods you can find on online Canadian casinos:

• Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

• Debit cards (Visa Debit, Maestro)

• E-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller)

• Bank transfers (Wire transfer, eCheck)

Prepaid Cards(Paysafecard, Entropay)

• Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)

Similarly, the best online casinos now accept multiple currencies and allow players to convert to their preferred currency on their website. This ensures that people from diverse locations can play at their favourite online casinos without location restrictions.

Another benefit of multiple payment options is that you can select the most suitable one for your needs. For instance, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are faster than traditional payment methods like bank transfers and credit cards. They also use advanced encryption technology to ensure that transactions are secure.

Blockchain Technology

One of the major concerns that discourage apprehensive players from online gambling is safety and fairness concerns. And with the alarming statistics of cyber attacks in recent years, these concerns are warranted. However, blockchain technology plays its part in democratizing internet gambling, allowing people restricted by their fear of cyber threats to get in on the action.

Blockchain is a relatively new technological advancement quickly gaining popularity in various industries, including virtual gambling. It is a decentralized, distributed ledger that allows for secure and transparent transactions by eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries.

While everyone can view the data on the blockchain network, they can not be altered or modified, making cryptocurrency transactions one of the most secure globally. Additionally, these transactions are incredibly fast as they don't need authorization from third-party agents. By recording all game outcomes on a public ledger, blockchain technology also guarantees the fairness of game outcomes such as slot games, making it impossible for casinos to defraud players.


From the rise of mobile gaming to changing legal landscapes, online gambling has undergone significant changes over the years, becoming more accessible than ever before. This democratization makes casino sites accessible to a broader range of people, including those who may not have had access to traditional gambling opportunities due to location, legal, or payment restraints.

With the continued advancements in technology, the virtual gambling industry promises to become even more accessible in the future, further driving its growth and popularity.