Take out some 'Hot Trash' with Oasis TV

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Sunday July 5, 2020
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D'Arcy Drollinger hosts 'Hot Trash' Mondays on Oasis TV.
D'Arcy Drollinger hosts 'Hot Trash' Mondays on Oasis TV.

Along with their weekly cavalcade of online entertainments, host D'Arcy Drollinger takes on current events in a dishy blend of 'Talk Soup' and 'Drag Race.'

The Monday nights satirical weekly round-up of news, celebrity gossip, social media, trends —and maybe a cat video now and then— is hosted by the San Francisco drag star and owner of the legendary nightclub and cabaret Oasis.

In a recent episode, Drollinger rips the recent Trump rally, press flak KellyAnne Conway, Britney, Beyonc�, and got a visit from drag performer Alaska. It's campy innocuous fun with a political twist.


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