Broadway Bares @ DNA Lounge

  • by Jim Gladstone
  • Tuesday June 18, 2019
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Broadway Bares @ DNA Lounge

"Wham!" "Blam!" Thank you ma'am (and sir). On Sunday night, The Richmond Ermet Aid Foundation sponsored its fourth annual Broadway Bares. San Francisco Strips IV, the 'Comic Strips' edition, wowed a sold-out crowd at DNA Lounge on Sunday June 16.

This year's theme featured burlesque stripteases spun from the funny pages. Many a utility belt was loosened as superheroes dominated the evening, including guest star Jai Rodriguez almost full-montying as a sinister Spiderman.

Cassandra Cass as Wonder Woman flew in from the balcony on a wire, and there was also a cameo by L'il Orphan Annie (played by Bruce Vilanch), an eye-popping Popeye production number, and a head-scratching manifestation of Maleficent (Leanne Borghesi, who also served as artistic director).

The well-proportioned cast stripped down to their Andrew Christian-donated undies, and the audience's superpowers of imagination took charge from there.

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photos: Joe Pessa and Marc Sternberger