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  • by David-Elijah Nahmod
  • Thursday January 7, 2016
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Pam Ann gets her name from the legendary (if long defunct) Pan American Airways. The naughty stewardess will be serving up politically incorrect laughs at Beatbox this coming weekend.

Pan Am, Pam tells us, folded in 1988.

"Pan Am serves as an inspiration, but I don't reference Pan Am in my shows," she said. "The premise of my shows is airlines, but I talk about topical and cultural things. The character is everyone you'd love to hate if you were to fly. I'm the voice of flight attendants. I say what they wish they could say to people."

Pam dropped a few hints at what she might be addressing at Beatbox.

"I talk about my experiences," she said. "I also talk about ISIS, terrorism, fucking; everything that people are afraid of right now. I might put the show all together on the plane on the way over. It's very improvised, not a scripted show."

Pam has no qualms about offending people.

"My friends come to see me get out of the holes I create," she said. "I've had numerous people walk out of my shows, so I know that I'm doing my job."

Pam was quick to point out that she's neither a drag queen, nor is she transgender.

"A lot of people think I'm trans, which is good, because transwomen are so beautiful. They're always stunningly put together."

In keeping with her politically incorrect image, Pam had no qualms about referring to herself as a cunt.

"It means stylish," Pam pointed out. "Vogue had a thing on it. It depends on how you say it."

The Australian native is now a resident of New York City. While still living Down Under, Pam starred in her own television show and hosted the broadcast of Australia's Mardi Gras in 2009. Since arriving in the states she's toured to sold out crowds, and has also performed across Europe. She's also appeared in a training video for British Airways and was the opening act for Cher's UK Farewell tour.

"I'm fucking shitting in my pants!" she said of the Cher experience.

Pam said that she was quite happy with her career as an airline hostess and wasn't particularly interested in expanding her horizons as a performer.

"I've no desire to be an actress," she said. "If it happens, then fantastic. Maybe I could be The Danish Girl as an Australian Girl."

Pam Ann at Beatbox: The popular comedic "air hostess" lands with her caustic wit and witty baggage. $35. ($60 VIP First Class includes early admission, champagne and meet & greet). Jan. 8 & 9. 8pm. 314 11th St.

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