Brian Davilla : Daddy time at The Nob Hill Theatre

  • by Cornelius Washington
  • Wednesday June 6, 2018
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It's rare in porn that you meet someone who's so fully integrated with who he is, where he is and how he wants to get there. In the field of sexuality, as it is made manifest in pornography, Brian Davilla is a transcendent figure.

As a Latino man, he has withstood the shifting winds of preconceived notions of what a gay, Latino man should be past the age of 40, because bottom line, a stud is a stud is a stud. The Nob Hill Theatre knows one when it sees one. With his equally bodacious performance partner, Dolph Dietrich, there will be a connection that puts Gay Pride 2018 into The Zone.

Cornelius Washington: Congratulations on your Nob Bill Theatre debut. How did you celebrate when you heard the news?

Brian Davilla: I first told my partner who was stoked to hear. He will be in the audience (and he's just made his porn debut). Then, I contacted Dolph. We are really excited to be a part of Pride Month.

Are you aware of the theatre's rich cultural history?

It's quite an establishment, isn't it? We know it as a destination spot for adult industry entertainment and porn, but it was an independent theater at one time and owned by Joe DiMaggio at one time, I hear.

What will you and performance partner Dolph Dietrich do on the NHT stage that'll show 'em all how it's done?

Dolph and I have had a year of intersecting paths. I've directed him on a shoot recently. So, now at NHT, we get to connect one-to-one.

What have your previous live porn performance experiences been like?
I've performed at bathhouses across the country and for Magnitude here in SF. There really is something exhilarating about performing with the audience so close to the action.

What's surprised you most about the porn industry?
How quickly the economy of the industry and technology has changed the way the public consumes content. I kind of miss going to the neighborhood video store to "shop behind the curtain."

You cover the waterfront of porn. To what do you attribute your amazingly diverse and successful career?

Relationships come first. I have met and stayed friends with some pretty incredible people in my ten years in porn. I've also been open to moving with the changes in the industry and trying to stay open to shifting public interest.

In your career (so far), have you ever been intimidated by a scene partner?

Oddly enough, my most challenging scenes were with my then ex-husband, Shay Michaels. You would presume obvious chemistry, but I really had to really commit to performing to the needs of the director.

In your time in the industry, you've seen plenty of changes. What do you think will be the next big gay porn trends, and where do you see yourself in them?
We are already experiencing a shift to models creating their own content to the customer versus studio-directed porn. I do believe that we continue to see live shows grown in interest, because models want to be more accessible. And that's why Dolph and I will be at the Nob Hill Theatre.

What do you discuss with scene partners before shooting?
(Laughs) Probably everything except porn. On-set chemistry starts with connection. Once that exists, then it's all about your director and listening and delivering.

How have your fans responded to your bareback scenes?
I have previously worked for condom-only studios. I made the shift to bareback about six years ago. My fans have been really positive about both condom and bareback work. Ultimately, as a performer, I feel a responsibility to communicate a supportive, educated and non-judgemental position on this issue.

What's the best part of being a mature porn stud in the LGBTQ community right now?
The best part about maturing in this industry is to let the masses know that we can be confident, sexy and humble about it all.

What advice do you have for other mature men who want to enter the porn business?
I typically shy away from giving advice about entering the industry. It's such a personal decision, that I encourage people to reflect on their needs and listen to their intuition.

Compare sex in your 20s with sex in your 40s.
With age comes new ways of looking at your impulses. In my 40s, at the end of my day, I don't know if I want sex or a burrito. I guess what I mean by that is that you obsess about sex less and food more (Laughs).

Compare sex with other men in their 40s with sex with younger men, professionally and privately.
Hands down, I'm all about the sexual energy of sexy and confident mature guys. Let's face it, us old guys have had more times at bat!

What led you to begin escorting? What do you love most about the profession?
For many porn actors, escorting is an extension of performing. What I love the most is the curious ways we use to connect with each other; a common language, familiar energies and conjoined needs. It's been exciting.

You've appeared in your share of leather scenes and festivals. What's your reaction to San Francisco establishing an LGBTQ and Leather Cultural District?
It's certainly a question of inclusiveness and common understanding. Yet, establishing a cultural district to accord protections for such a rich and important extension of our community's identity is important.

As a Latino man, what stereotypes, stigmas and discriminations have you encountered in the business and in life?
I've really been fortunate to have not been the subject of stigma and discrimination as a Latino. I think addressing ageism in the industry has been a bigger barrier to opportunity.

What are your thoughts about the Trump administration's immigration and LGBTQ policies?
First of all, I can say that I'm proud to live in the state of California and the city of Palm Springs where we have the benefit and privilege of living with and celebrating diversity. While we are living through one of the most hate-filled and separatist administrations, I am so hopeful for so many heroic leaders that have emerged as a response to those who do not recognize the value of a country that is for all, not some, of the people.

How do you want to see the LGBTQ community evolve in the 21st century, sexually?
Simply, more (pardon the pun) penetration of key political offices.

How do you want to evolve in the 21st century?
I'm working on a documentary about the gay adult industry. Stay tuned...

On your opening night, what will be your thoughts, as the music begins to pump, the audience's hard-ons begin to grow and Dolph begins to touch you the right way?
Simply, pride. That we can let go of anything that holds us back from being who we are, proud of stories and the anticipation of connecting with our audience. And, ultimately, hot sex!

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