Dorian Ferro

  • by Cornelius Washington
  • Wednesday May 16, 2018
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He's back! In his first Nob Hill Theater performances, Dorian Ferro scorched the stage, and I predict that his return engagement will put a very erect 'T' in Torrid! He's a man of few words, and more than some persuasion. The Nob Hill Theater gives you the Latino everyone in the industry is talking about, Dorian Ferro.

Welcome back to The Nob Hill Theatre. The audiences love you here. What do you do to/with them to keep them coming back for more?

I stay relevant and give them what they want, while I still stay true who Dorian Ferro is.

What do you think you'll do this time, with performance partner, Ziggy Banks, to create a memorable run on the NHT stage?

That's a good question. I have never worked with Ziggy before, but I do know that there is chemistry between us, so that's a good start for the audience to have a good show. On my end, I am going to try and get as much participation from the audience as possible. A lot of these guys just see us in movies, so for them to get to interact with us in a live sex show will be a perfectly memorable moment.

When and why did you begin performing live? What do you love most about the job?

I started performing live a few years back. Since I think that it's hot to perform in front of a camera, I figured it would be even hotter live. Besides, when you have it live and in the flesh, it's better than on a screen. The audience gets to touch and feel, and it's one of the aspects I love most about it.

You moved to Texas with your family when you were seven years old. How did growing up in that environment affect how you embraced your sexuality, ethnicity, etc.?
I moved to a town in the panhandle of Texas when I was 7. It wasn't until I graduated college that I moved to Dallas. It was very tough to identify my sexuality, because being gay was not accepted by the community. Going to school, functions, and having friends was very rough. Luckily, I have always had a very supportive family who has always supported me with every decision I have made.

I understand that your family gave their collective blessing to your porn career. What's it like to be that open with your loved ones, when so many others aren't or can't be?
It's been a total blessing to have their support, from the moment you tell them your sexual preference to their supporting what you do. All they want for me is happiness, and if doing porn brings me joy, they support me 100% and any other decision I make. Life is so much easier when you have the support of your family! I couldn't imagine it any other way. I really feel sorry for the other guys who don't have that support system.

How and why did you get into the adult film business?
Dorian Ferro is my alter ego, and it was a way of showing that in front of a camera, plus it was a way of getting over my total shyness. Growing up, because of where I grew up and my being gay not being accepted, I became a very shy person. One of the ways for me to get over that was doing adult work, and it has worked in helping me get over that barrier.

What did you look for in a company for your first scenes, and why did you ultimately choose ChaosMen?
I chose ChaosMen because I wanted the work to stay local, and I didn't really know what to expect of the industry. I didn't want to jump into the pond of big fish right away. I wanted to grow over a period of time. ChaosMen offered me that. The pay was really good and I am thankful that I chose them, because they helped Dorian Ferro a lot to get where he is at now today.

Describe your fondest live/porn performance memories.
When the curtains opened, I was waiting backstage and all these feelings and emotions went through me. I wondered if people were going to like me, if there were even people outside, was I going to perform well? The adrenaline was intense, but, as soon as those curtains opened, something just came over me, Dorian Ferro came out and, 'Showtime!'

What have you refused to do on-set that, in retrospect, you're glad you didn't do?
For the most part, I haven't really refused to do anything on set. I am a team player. Of course, the team knows what Dorian likes and doesn't like and they are all pretty good at following my rules. So, with that being said, there are no lines crossed.

How have you evolved, as a gay man, since you began your porn career?
I'm more comfortable with myself and my sexuality. Now, I celebrate being gay and am open about it. Before, I was shy and not really happy with myself.

How has your sexuality evolved?
I've gone from being a shy boy to performing live sex shows. I am very comfortable with my evolution. It's what keeps a relationship healthy and, so far, I have not had any problems with keeping a relationship.

Why and how did you decide to begin filming bareback porn? What has the response been from your fans?
I have only filmed bareback when I first started, with ChaosMen, and that was a couple of scenes only. This was years ago. I worked with ChaosMen because their quality wasn't an issue. We always had to get tested before a scene, within a reasonable time frame, to make sure that everything was good to go. From there, I moved to safe sex with Falcon Studios.

Dorian Ferro performs with Ziggy Banks Thursday May 17 at Double Circle Jerk Night ($20, 9pm) and Friday & Saturday, May 18 & 19 in solo shows (8pm) and sex shows (10pm). $25. 729 Bush St.