King me: Drag King Contest returns to Oasis

  • by David-Elijah Nahmod
  • Tuesday August 9, 2022
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(L-R) Fontaine Blue, Fudgie Frottage, Meatflap (L-R, floor), Varla the Frenchie and DeeDee Luxe will perform at the 26th Drag King Contest at Oasis. photo: Sloane Kanter
(L-R) Fontaine Blue, Fudgie Frottage, Meatflap (L-R, floor), Varla the Frenchie and DeeDee Luxe will perform at the 26th Drag King Contest at Oasis. photo: Sloane Kanter

All hail the kings! On Sunday, August 21, impresario Fudgie Frottage returns to Oasis with the 26th edition of the annual San Francisco Drag King Contest. Frottage will be joined by Sister Roma, who will be co-hosting the event. Among those providing entertainment will be someone who goes by the curious moniker of Klingon Vanna White.

"I'm the intergalactic CEO for the ballsack corporation," White said in an interview with the Bay Area Reporter. "I moved to Earth after I was banned from Kronos for wearing sequins into battle. I really love sequins because you can just hose the blood off and it's just like new. You can look at my Klingon Vanna White 'Behind the Sequins' video for more information."

But don't call her a drag king!

"Klingon Vanna White isn't a drag king," she said. "But Klingon John Waters is her alter ego. He's available for all your holiday parties and big openings. He's also a gay wedding officiant."

Klingon Vanna White
photo: Tribbles Studio  

Frottage is most definitely someone who calls himself a drag king. He often refers to himself as "the man with the biggest balls in show business." He has been performing in San Francisco in one form or another since 1977, a time when drag inspiration came from Divine, Doris Fish and Sluts a GoGo, famed drag performers of that era.

"Inspiration comes from everywhere," Frottage said. "It takes creativity and for me, humor to turn it into art, whether it's drag or lyrics to a song, or a dance move. A look/lewk, or an attitude."

Frottage promises that there will be some fab impersonators in this year's show, from David Bowie, to 70s rocker Marc Bolan, to Sid Vicious, among others.

"There will be some killer numbers coming from everyone in the show," Frottage added. "These young dragsters are on fire! They bring it with multi-media fierceness."

Frottage adores his co-host Sister Roma, calling her one of the most talented performers he knows.

Sister Roma photo: Jose A. Guzman Colon  

"I love her dearly," said Frottage. "She has co-hosted SFDK with me for many years and I don't know where our community would be without her. She is like the Rock of Gibraltar, in drag that would be the tuck of Gibraltar! Either way, she is solid."

The show's all-star entertainment line-up includes Madd Dogg 20/20, the Rebel Kings of Oakland, Meatflap, last year's SFDK winner; Mason Dixon Jars, SFDK20 title holder; and direct from New York City, DeeDee Luxe and her dancing French Bulldog, Varla.

So far the contestant line up includes Lotus Boy, Papi Churro, Cosimo, Hennessy Williams, Tater Tot, Helixer, Glitter Done, with more to be announced.

Sitting at the judges table will be Joan Jett Blakk (the first drag queen to run for president), Jota Mercury, Arty Fishal, and Fontaine Blue.

The evening serves as a benefit for two charities that are near and dear to Frottage's heart: PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support) and Rocket Dog Rescue.

"The unconditional love that we get from our fur-kids is unlike any love a human can give," Frottage said. "We learn much about life and love from our four-legged friends. I recently almost had one of my orange tabbies die back in the beginning of April and it was really devastating, as we have a very strong bond. Fortunately, he pulled through and is living his best life as a survivor--fuck cancer. Cats are magical."

Frottage noted that whatever city protocols are in effect regarding COVID will be enforced at Oasis.

"Be safe out there, people," he said. "Get your vaccinations, wear your masks, take all the vitamins and supplements, eat well and get enough sleep. Health is wealth, as the saying goes."

The 26th SF Drag King Contest, $25-$50. Aug, 21, 7pm at Oasis, 298 11th St.

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