Peaches Christ & Bianca Del Rio's Castro parody show's online

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Wednesday December 9, 2020
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Bianca Del Rio and Peaches Christ
Bianca Del Rio and Peaches Christ

While we can't enjoy the often sold-out Castro Theatre productions by local drag star and director Peaches Christ, we can step back in time with an online streaming video of the 2019 wacky drag parody of the camp classic film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? with costar Bianca Del Rio.

"You may be asking yourself what this show has to do with the holidays and I'll tell you!," wrote Peaches in the promo. "I chose it because of its story and how it connects to 2020. Hear me out. This is the story of two drag sisters who are forced to shelter-in-place and what happens as a result, and well... it isn't very pretty."

Fans of Del Rio know that she specializes in insult comedy, and her colleagues join in for the skewering jokes in the show. And patrons of Christ's previous live shows know that anything can happen.

"I don't think I've ever been able to present a truly "flawless" production and some shows have more mistakes than others," wrote Christ. "One thing we will not do is edit around these special moments... because if we did that the total running time would end up being fifteen minutes."

The cast includes Heklina and Martiny, who play the nosy mother and daughter neighbors, and Mahlae Balenciaga, who plays Elvira. But the stars of the show are Peaches and Bianca.

"Honestly, Ms. Del Rio was very convincing in her performance of an abusive, much older and clownier sister," added Christ. "Sometimes, I'd question if it was still "acting."

Judge for yourself and enjoy a post-screening live Q&A. The show airs December 9 (6pm PT) and 20 (1pm). Get tickets at