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  • by Juanita MORE!
  • Wednesday October 31, 2018
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October was cute, and it was sweet to end it with such gorgeous weather.

My two monthly parties at Powerhouse have helped to raise great money for two organizations that I really care deeply about. On the first Saturday of the month, Powerblouse supports the Transgender Law Center. Their mission to help change law, policy, and attitudes so that all people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression seems like such a simple thing to me, one that shouldn't have to be fought for. Over the years I have helped to raise close to $100,000 for their mission. Our trans brother and sisters are under attack and more now than ever they need our support.

Last month we put our friend Miss Teddy in drag. Glamamore and I had been on him for most of this year about letting us give him a drag makeover. Miss Teddy was already everything, but we wanted him to be a little extra.

My grandbaby Voodonna Black and sister Honey Mahogany beat the hell out of his face. She was gorgeous and bestowed the name "MaDamn Pump" because of her love of shoes. On November 3, I'm putting District 6 candidate Matt Haney in drag. He doesn't seem a bit nervous and promises me he's gonna turn it out. You better, too.

On the third Saturdays of the month, I throw a monthly party with my bad seed Walter Gomez called Beatpig, which supports the great work of The Q Foundation's hard work to protect the housing people already have, provide resources to secure new housing, and promote public policy to expand that opportunity for all.
Eight years in, and Beatpig still proves to be a whole lot of fun.

DJ Sidekick was such an integral part of what we created in the beginning. His sound and corsets set the tone. With his move to Zurich, we added Stanley Frank to our DJ roster, who has turned more than a few nights into pure magic.

Stanley lives in the city of angels and will be taking a winter hiatus. It's hard to find someone who plays music you love, surprises you and then throws in a treat just to get your panties wet on the dance floor as he does.

So until summer, I'm excited to announce that DJ Entree will be joining the Beatpig pig pen. His sound is a perfect match. And he ain't bad to look at. He has been playing all the jams at my drag brunch every Sunday at my new restaurant MORE!jones. He's a big fan of the MOREburger.

It's hard for me to recommend something on the menu for you to try. I mean, I love all of it. I hand-cut and season all the bacon on the Hangovah Pizza. The chilaquiles torta is not something you find often outside of Mexico City. And Biscuit Island is heaven on a plate! Who doesn't want ice cream for breakfast?

I also got to attend a fashion show by Mr. David at the Jewish Community Center this past month. Once again I was blown away by all of the work he has done. I own the biggest collection of clothing that he has made for anyone, more than 3,000 pieces.

As I watched the show, I started to try and figure out how many pieces he has created in his lifetime, because while he was busy with my couture he was working on pieces for other people. There have got to be 100,000 Mr. David Couture garments floating around the world. Amazing. No one in my life matches the amount of creativity that he exudes.

Rock the Vote
I originally wanted this article to be about the upcoming election. Really, it's all I can think about, and every one of my events has become a political rally for this or that important candidate or cause.

We all know about the crisis that our country is in, but my readers know that I believe all politics is local. And look, we don't live in a bubble. Trump's toxicity has very much infiltrated our local political world, and it upsets me so much to see transphobic candidates achieve the success they have.

So come to my parties and come to my restaurant, sure. But more importantly, stand up loud and make your voice heard. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Don't just spread your legs — spread your arms and open your heart to others, too. I urge you to vote on November 6th and ask you to go to my website,

Read my Queer Agenda Voting Guide and why I care so much about this city, our state and what's still worth saving about our country.