The Best LGBTQ+ Casino Resorts in the World

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  • Monday May 6, 2024
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The Best LGBTQ+ Casino Resorts in the World

  • Casino resorts are a world apart for gambling enthusiasts. If you choose a good gambling club, you can have a great holiday, relax and play.

    Today, any online casino for real money opens its doors to all customers. The type of gender, political, social and sexual preferences of players do not matter. Everyone has the right to compete for the jackpot.

    Australia's virtual casinos are ahead of land-based gambling clubs in terms of ratings. Players claim that it is easier and cheaper to play online. However, there are several places in the world that every gambling fan should visit. Today, these gambling clubs treat all guests respectfully regardless of their gender.

    Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

    This is one of the most iconic brands in Las Vegas, which has undergone a huge history involving scandals, investigations and celebrities of all stripes. The venue is now a leader in the gambling entertainment industry.

    The hand of Vegas is felt in the sphere of gambling. There is a huge number of slot machines, hundreds of tables for card games and roulette. Around everything literally bursts with luxury and at the same time, the room can be booked relatively inexpensively. A visitor will have to spend only 69 dollars per day.

    The architecture deserves special attention. This is a full-fledged hotel with different recreation areas. Despite the fact that there is a huge attention to gambling, even for opponents of casinos there is something to occupy themselves. There are spa areas, shops, restaurants and cafes.

    Vegas has another good alternative for a gambling holiday. This is the Bellagio casino-hotel. The main difference is the prices. Bellagio is a more expensive option of pastime, where rates start from $160 per night. Service, facilities and entertainment are at about the same level, but the status of guests, especially in the VIP and higher categories, is noticeably different.

    Kurhaus Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden

    This is one of the oldest casino resorts in the world. The building was built in the 1820s and has undergone several renovations and a complete reconstruction. The interior represents the imperial design style.

    The casino deserves special attention. Despite the fact that most visitors come for recovery and mineral waters, gambling is considered one of the best in Europe. Inside there are 113 slots and 24 gaming tables. Card games and roulette almost always attract the public's attention.

    Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monte Carlo

    This place is considered one of the most elite in the world. CEO's, major politicians and celebrities can be found among the regular visitors. The hotel has often been featured in films, especially in the James Bond saga.

    The gambling club offers a classic selection of gambling games: card tables, slot machines and roulette. It is possible to find entertainment with the most unusual rules and including a game of Chemin de Fer.

    The hotel is considered half state property and is only open to foreigners. Monaco natives are not allowed inside at all.

    Ibiza Gran Hotel, Ibiza

    In Ibiza, apart from parties and beaches, you can have a great time at the casino. It is one of the local attractions that tourists even come to see.

    The casino is not much different from other high-end places. There is a large selection of slot machines and separate tables for card games and roulette. A lot of spectators always gather around, which create a lively atmosphere.

    For poker lovers it is a separate pleasure. The island constantly hosts Texas Hold'em tournaments, where famous professionals and stars take part. Players can even try to win something if they have enough luck and skills.

    The Clermont Club, London

    The Clermont Club is considered the best casino hotel in the country. The style, sophistication and amazing service will not leave any visitor indifferent. As in any other elite place in England, the atmosphere here literally screams luxury and aristocracy.

    In terms of the number of gambling games, the Clermont Club Hotel is one of the poorest in the list. There are only 6 tables on which you can play:

  • roulette;

  • blackjack;

  • poker;

  • Punto Banco;

  • Baccarat.

    In London there is one interesting feature: only members of the club can gamble. You need to apply in advance, at least a day before your visit. Only identified visitors are allowed to the tables. So players can feel like a real elite and touch the hereditary aristocracy of Britain.

    Why it is important to choose these casino resorts

    Among the best casino resorts, there are representatives of Asian and Arab countries, but they didn't make this top because of their attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community. At best you can catch slanted glances and at worst get in trouble with the law. Nobody wants that.

    Representatives of sexual minorities are better off holidaying in American and European resorts. The service here is at a high level, and in some cases even surpasses other analogues. At the same time, the price is often much lower. This is due to the fact that visitors do not need to spend millions of dollars in one evening. In all of the above casino-hotels you can have a good time and relax.