Martuni's sells wines, aprons, shirts for quick gifts

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Sunday December 20, 2020
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Martuni's bartender Peter Gentile (and his camera-shy co-worker)
Martuni's bartender Peter Gentile (and his camera-shy co-worker)

Get a taste of those fun cabaret shows at Martuni's that we miss so much. The popular martini bar has a long history of intimate fun nights. But bars are now limited by pandemic health regulations, so the staff at Martuni's are making do in difficult times by selling a cute variety of gifts items.

"We started in October with a monthly street sale," said bartender Peter Gentile. "We were going to add sidewalk service, but bars got shut down again, but we needed to do something. There's very little that new regulations let a bar do. We decided to go with a small street sale."

Since they're not in the Castro, where many bars have coordinated with restaurants to build parklets and serve food and drinks., instead, along with Martuni's T-shirts, aprons and gifts, the bartenders are selling fine wines and liquor, along with snacks. Gentile and his coworkers set up their little shop in the enclosed gated foyer of the bar, located at 4 Valencia St. at Market.

Bottles wines and liquor on sale at Martuni's.  

"We have the license to sell unopened beverages, wines, beer; stuff that's affordable," said Gentile. "We're selling it at a good price. We're getting busier every day."

For a quick holiday gift for a friend, coworkers, or for yourself, stop by Martuni's between 2pm and 6pm, daily, except on holidays.