Say, "Cheese!" - Laura Chenel's and Marin French Cheese, local and tasty

  • by BARtab staff
  • Wednesday November 14, 2018
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With the holidays fast approaching, consider adding some locally-made delicious cheese to your party plates or brunch menu. Sonoma and Marin artisan goat cheese makers Laura Chenel and Marin French Cheese recently sent us some delicious samples, including Chevre, Chabis and Cabecou goat cheese.

Laura Chenel's savory cheeses are packaged in a variety of sizes, from cute tiny tubs marinated in various herb-infused oils (olive, truffle) to party-size wheels, logs and medallion collections for a multi-cheese sample tray.

Marin French Cheese offers traditional cheeses, including Brie, Camembert, Triple Cr�me Brie and Brie with truffles, making a perfect gift for foodie friends and family.
Cranberry and sweeter cheeses will fit right in with your holiday menus.

And for your day-after the party, or for brunch, we also enjoyed their savory Brie en Croute. they're available at local food retailers, including Lucky's/Savemart, Lunardi's and Whole Foods Market. Take 'em home and toast lightly for a buttery crust and gooey Brie inside.

Visit the companys' websites for recipes, suggested wine pairings, directions to visit their farms, and for some cute pictures of goats!