Lady Bunny: drag star & political pundit returns with a spicy holiday show

  • by Christopher J. Beale
  • Tuesday December 12, 2023
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Lady Bunny (photo: Steven Menendez)
Lady Bunny (photo: Steven Menendez)

Drag icon Lady Bunny is on her way to San Francisco to present her show "Lady Bunny: A Very Blue X-Mas" at Oasis on Christmas Eve Eve.

Lady Bunny first came to prominence in the 1980s when her roommate RuPaul first put Lady Bunny in drag. That was in Atlanta where the pair first met. RuPaul and Bunny moved to New York City together and the rest, as they say, is drag herstory.

In the time since, she has made a name for herself both in the traditional club-based drag scene, as well as creating the long-running Labor Day Weekend Wigstock (1984-2018), as well as a continued association with the "RuPaul's Drag Race" empire.

Lady Bunny  

But her politics!
Lady Bunny said she kept largely quiet on political topics most of her adult life, at least publicly. Growing up, politics always seemed like a man's thing.

"My Dad was the local liberal in Chattanooga, Tennessee where I grew up," said Bunny, "but I identified more with my Mom. She was only somewhat political." It was the horror of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath that sent Bunny into the sphere of outspoken political activist, a trend that has only intensified through the Trump and now Biden presidencies.

"Democrats are unable to follow through on their promises," said Bunny matter-of-factly. When pressed about her outspoken criticism of President Biden, Bunny cited the lack of progress on issues like the Equality act, affordable housing, Medicare For All, the cancellation of student debt, an increased minimum wage, and a ceasefire in the Gaza strip.

"I'm third-party for life now, " she said.

A Very Blue X-Mas
You'll find all of Lady Bunny's humor and politics present in her satirical holiday show as it rolls through San Francisco this Christmas.

"It's raunchy," Lady Bunny bragged to the Bay Area Reporter. "There are about 30 Christmas songs parodied in this show, plus some originals. There are the 'The 12 STDs of Christmas,' and 'Rudolfo The Uncut Reindeer,'" Bunny bragged, "as well as a Scrooge skit where I have ghosts popping in and out."

In between shows Lady Bunny said she'll spend her free time in San Francisco seeing her friend Coco Peru in "The Golden Girls Live." Peru is playing Dorothy, the role once played by the late Heklina.

"I've waited years to see it," Bunny pauses, "because I didn't want to see it with Heklina in it!" Bunny added, laughing. "No, but I love Heklina. Really, I just want to give those girls a hug."

The first thing Lady Bunny is going to do when she arrives in San Francisco is eat.

"Pancho Villa in The Mission for burritos and aqua fresca!" Bunny said of the place she cannot miss when she's here, "Sometimes I drop my luggage off at my hotel and get a cab straight to Pancho Villa."

'Lady Bunny: A Very Blue Xmas,' December 23, 7pm. $30-$50. Oasis, 298 11th St.

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