Some Sangin, A Red Carpet Bash, And Nostalgia

  • by Bebe Sweetbriar
  • Wednesday December 9, 2009
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I love the holidays for all the joy it brings, and the wonderful shows and parties. This week I talk to a dance diva about her upcoming San Francisco visit, bring Black back to the Castro, walk the red carpet, and listen to the blues coated with honey.

Erika Jayne Hits Two SF Clubs For The Holidays

Honey, it's cold outside. That's what the Atlanta-born Erika Jayne was singing while she was in Chicago last week on a tour stop. The dance music diva, with three Billboard #1 dance hits, is on an aggressive tour schedule promoting her new disc Pretty Mess in seven cities in two weeks. Miami, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco reads like the itinerary of most European tourists. As she makes her way to San Francisco's Club Trigger and the Crib next week, she will have already performed with our own drag and DJ legend Juanita MORE in New York.

Though released before the new full CD, #1 dance hits "Rollercoaster" and "Stars" are included on Pretty Mess along with the latest #1 "Give You Everything." All three of these songs will be performed live by Ms. Jayne while in San Francisco. She probably thinks she left the cold behind, but she will no doubt heat it up when she gets here.

Bebe: Is it cold there in Chicago?

Erika: You know it is, but it feels good.

Bebe: Kind of a singer's nightmare where your throat is chilled and you have to sing tonight.

Erika: Yes, but I will just cuddle up, drink a lot of warm tea and it should be fine.

Bebe: Well, let's get to the business at hand. You have been compared to Madonna by the media in the U.S. and the U.K. Why do you think they've drawn such a comparison?

Erika: I think it's just the music. The music is fun and danceable. You know, you would have to wait another 20 years to make any other comparison because she has been around so long. So, I think it's just the music.

Bebe: You released your debut album Pretty Mess in August of this year. How would you describe it for everyone?

Erika: Pretty Mess is about fantasy, love and escape. The beats enough to make you want to get up, have a good time, dance around the room if just for a minute. And then you can return to yur home.

Bebe: How did you come up with the title?

Erika: I was writing this song with Peter Rafelson (Madonna, Britney Spears, Stevie Nicks) about women and all the roles that they play. Sometimes you're a temptress, sometimes you're a princess, and sometimes you're a pretty mess.

Bebe: By putting previously released #1 Billboard dance singles "Rollercoaster" and "Stars" on the album, you have three #1's on this album with "Give You Everything" going to the top of the dance charts. Are there more potential #1's on the album?

Erika: I don't know. I think the final track ("One More Time") has a good shot. You know I cover Prince's "Sex Shooter," and people are liking that one too.

Bebe: You are a huge Prince fan, no doubt, and you were able to work with his once upon a time protégé, percussion legend and Bay Area's own Sheila E. on Time to Realize. Describe that experience.

Erika: It was breathtaking, and I'll just leave it at that. I think she is one of the top musicians and a wonderful human being. It was an honor to have her on my record.

Erika Jayne

Bebe: I know Sheila still lives in the Bay Area of San Francisco, so maybe she will pop in while you are here performing and you two do a little somethin' somethin'. I'm just sayin'.

Erika: Wouldn't that be something.

Bebe: How much has growing up in the South in Atlanta influenced your music?

Erika: I think it has a lot because there was a lot happening there. A lot of great music, and a lot of great music opportunities. It's a great place to discover and find your way.

Bebe: You have such a variety of talent. Reading your bio, I see that you were in music theater and you're a ballet dancer. What made you take the road of recording artist rather than sticking with theater or dance?

Erika: Well, I went to the School of Performing Arts in Atlanta, and was really into musical theater. But after high school, I moved to New York and started going out to the clubs and having a good time. That's where it was going on, on the dance floor in New York.

Bebe: With several of your songs already featured in movies, any chance we'll see Erika Jayne on the big screen?

Erika: Maybe someday. If the right role comes along, sure. Wouldn't that be fun?

Bebe: You will be back in San Francisco playing in two gay clubs next week. Do you think you have a big gay following?

Erika: I think I have a pretty big gay following. Gay fans are the best fans in the world. Everyone knows that; loyal, but smart. If you fail them, they let you know. That's awesome.

No wonder Ms. Jayne has garnered three #1 dance singles. She is in tune with her audience. If you haven't had a chance to view her music video for her latest hit "Give You Everything," you are missing a chance to see all her talent and why she is a natural for the big screen. I don't know about you, but I know where I'll be next Wednesday and Thursday, at an up close and personal music experience with Erika Jayne.

San Francisco Tour Stops:

Wednesday, December 16, Club Trigger, 2344 Market, doors open 9pm

Thursday, December 17, Crib, 3rd & Harrison, doors open 9pm,,

Black And White Party Revisits The Old Pendulum

To help bridge that gap between black and white gays in the Castro, Les Natali's Toad Hall opens its doors for the second Black and White Party on Thursday, December 10. The old home of gay black club The Pendulum, Toad Hall has been apart of bringing Black back to Castro along with organizers Bill Doggett, Magnet's Black Men's Social Mixer, and Kyriel Noon, Director of Stop AIDS Project. You will definitely revisit the days of the Pendulum while dancing to the music of Parliament, Funkadelics, Lakeside, Bootsy Collins and other funk masters. You will also get your music of today. So all you Beyoncé lovers, don't fret. This is a wonderful way to build community in the Castro. You only have two more chances this month to bring Black back to the Castro. The $1 door donation goes toward Stop AIDS Project.

Black & White Party, Thursday, December 10 and Thursday, December 17, Toad Hall 4146 18th Street near Collingwood, 9pm, $1

Honey Mahogany Honey Sings The Blues

Having worked with this lovely chanteuse, I can definitely say you are in for a treat when Chaser presents Honey Mahogany (Bijou, Mary-Go-Round, Sweetbriar: Live & Unplugged, Cocktailgate) in her first one drag woman show on Tuesday, December 15 at the EndUp. Now when I say drag, I want to make sure that you understand that this diva sings live. That's right, no lip-syncing. Honey promises to give you a few of the oldies, some new favorites, and even a Drag Roulette spin. Now, there also seems to be a fuss about a surprise pre-show, so you may want to show up a bit early. DJ Guy Ruben fills the night with beats whilst Honey fills it with song.

Honey Sings The Blues at Chaser, Tuesday, December 15, EndUp 401 6th Street at Harrison, 10pm