Porn Pride

  • by Cornelius Washington
  • Wednesday June 21, 2017
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Adam Killian is God's greatest gift to pornography. Instead of my creating a long, drawn-out preamble, I've decided to operate in the bare, naked facts. I went to the owners of the iconic Nob Hill Theater, to get their official statement on why they continue such a fruitful relationship with the man with whom all of gay erotica wants to work.

"Adam Killian is once again our Gay Pride headliner," said Nob Hill Theatre reps. "Not only is Adam one hot sexy man, he always brings new hot talent with him so that they can perform together at the 10PM shows. Adam thinks about his performances from the patrons' point of view.

"He has a sense about what a customer wants to see and develops a performance from their perspective. He thinks about the lighting, props and costumes, in addition to the performance itself. The result is one fantastic show that keeps our patrons wanting more. Gay Pride at the Nob Hill Theatre is Adam Killian! We always look forward to his return."


Cornelius Washington: Welcome back to The Nob Hill Theatre! What will you bring to this engagement's performances that will set the stage on fire?

Adam Killian: Carlos Lindo!


Please describe your most intense live performance.

That would have to be The Roseland Ballroom, when I did a full XXX man-on-man aerial sex show, fifty feet above the center of the dance floor, during Black Party NYC! I only had two weeks to learn how to even do an aerial act. I had to learn the techniques needed to climb, wrap, unravel, etcetera. You literally hold your life in your hands, and with that stress, put on a hot sex show, above thousands of half-naked horny men. 

No pressure. (Laughs)


How do you prepare yourself to perform live?

I breathe. I stretch. I eat.


How do you care for yourself after live performances?

I breathe. I stretch. I eat. (Laughs)


Where do you think live erotic performances should go, in the 21st century?

Multimedia. We are working on broadcasting the shows this year live on

You were born and raised outside of the Bay Area. What do you miss about it?

The weather and the more relaxed attitudes of the West Coast.


The last time we talked, you had just moved to Harlem, New York, and were with Lucas Entertainment. Please give my readers an update.

I'm still in Harlem. I'm not working full-time for Lucas anymore, but I've just shot a couple of scenes for his company in Puerto Vallarta last week.


Adam Killian. photo: Cornelius Washington

As one of the most virtuosic people in the porn industry, where do you see the future of porn, during the Trump administration?

I see Eastern European pissing videos making a surge.


No one balances eroticism and high-end costuming better than you. Why do think that is?

Because I slay!


I can completely see you directing a commercial for some gay-specific underwear/active wear brand. Whose commercials would you like to direct?

My own. I plan on coming out with an underwear line called Husbros. It's in process.


What current gay male porn star intrigues you?

Carlos Lindo. We've been shooting our own stuff for the past month, and possibly work with other companies, too (to be determined).


What apps do you rock?

IG, Twitter, Scruff and Grindr.


Adam Killian with Carlos Lindo

Are you currently dating anyone?

Carlos basically moved in after the first night we met.


What current song makes you want to have sex?

"Breathe Heavy" will probably be one of the show songs this year, and definitely a few by Ariana Grande.


Your relationship with The Nob Hill Theatre is very unique. What do you think that the owners get right, where so many others get it so wrong?

They moved in, and Gary started cracking the whip (or, maybe, that was Larry's knee). They've made quality improvements, from upgrading the lighting, sound, stage props, play areas, performers, advertising and lots of sweat, tears and elbow grease (again, Larry on his knees). The first picture that I have up on that wall is from 1998.... (about the same time you and I met in the hot, swampy, decadent air of New Orleans). I cherish my long-lived relationships with the history, rich perspective and friendships with which they've blessed me.


Adam Killian & Carlos Lindo: the porn studs perform solo and duo shows with interactive sexy fun. $30. 8pm & 10pm. Also June 25 & 25. Nob Hill Theatre, 729 Bush St. at Powell. 397-6758.

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