Are you 'Open To It?' Frank Arthur Smith dishes on his gay non-monogamy series

  • by Christopher J. Beale
  • Tuesday January 30, 2024
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Frank Arthur Smith and Tim Wardell in 'Open To It'
Frank Arthur Smith and Tim Wardell in 'Open To It'

"Open To It" is a web series led by executive producer, writer and actor Frank Arthur Smith. In season one we meet Cam and Greg, a gay couple who make the decision to start hooking up with other guys. What follows is an episodic master class in comedic representation turned all the way up.

The LGBTQ community is a literal rainbow of relationship styles. Some marry and live a relatively integrated lifestyle while others choose to open things up in a variety of ways.

When couples begin to make room in their hearts — or more likely bedrooms — for others, there are a number of unpredictable factors that will inevitably come into play. These include jealousy, sexual incompatibility, a potential third not being into one half of the couple, who's hosting, who will top, who will bottom. Are you ready for that? Smith has put those adventures (and misadventures) on display in this hilarious series.

Throughout his decade in the entertainment industry, Smith has noticed that portrayals of non-traditional or non-monogamous relationships usually cast those relationships in a less-than-favorable light.

"A lot of them have a negative slant when it comes to polyamory or even being interested in other people," said Smith in an interview with Bay Area Reporter. "Often it's written as the downfall of that relationship." But, what about the non-traditional relationships that work?

Smith arrived in Los Angeles with the quintessential suitcase and a dream a decade ago.

"My sister is an actress in New York, and my parents were very encouraging of that," he said. "After majoring in neuroscience and getting wait-listed to a bunch of medical schools, I came out here and began my entertainment career. It's my sister's fault."

Today Smith identifies as queer and non-monogamous. As a result, he has created a show that is refreshing and honest. If you have any experience with non-monogamy, much of "Open To It" will feel familiar.

"It's not a completely accurate retelling," said Smith. "But those first three episodes are based on my own life. I'm not as smooth as any of the characters however...or as gross."

Jason Caceres in 'Open To It'  

The sex scenes in "Open To It" are graphic, beautiful, and mortifying all rolled into one. Nothing is held back.

"I think you'll be pleased with the steamy scenes. It's all exaggerated for comedy, and sex appeal," joked Smith, who admits that the character Princeton, a hot but completely aloof guy the couple starts dating, is in fact a composite of three guys that Smith has encountered.

The first season of short episodes ends with a wink and a nod to season two, which will begin soon with topics like boyfriend twins, hooking up with a deaf guy, and Greg's straight brother enters the picture.

"The heterosexual actor we cast looks kind of like me but he played football and everything," Smith laughed. "He is beautiful."

To make the resemblance stronger, Smith has grown a beard.

It's nice to see non-monogamous relationships represented positively on screen, and in such a deliciously queer way. Representation in media matters and "Open To It," now streaming on OutTV, Amazon, is loaded with it.

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