50 years in 50 weeks: 2020's hindsight

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Tuesday March 15, 2022
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50 years in 50 weeks: 2020's hindsight

In the near-final arts contribution to our '50 years in 50 weeks' series of short write-ups on outstanding articles through the Bay Area Reporter's five decades, let's listen to the sound of endurance.

In December 2020, our first year of the pandemic reached its end as deaths and infections skyrocketed.

Yet artists found ways to endure, like Mike Maimone (who spent "Christmas in Quarantine") and Brittany Howard, seen here in Gregg Shapiro's year-end roundup of LGBT music made by home-cloistered musicians. Online concerts and countless recordings were made during the lockdown days.

For the web version, with music videos, visit www.ebar.com/arts_&_culture/music//300483

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