Trailer triple-play: 'Bros,' 'Fire Island,' & 'Queer as Folk' reboot

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Wednesday May 18, 2022
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'Queer as Folk,' 'Fire Island,' 'Bros'
'Queer as Folk,' 'Fire Island,' 'Bros'

It's not even June yet, but our inbox has already been flooded with a barrage of Pride-related products (Judy Garland perfume; I kid you not), movies and TV shows. We now succumb to the pressure to share trailers for two super-gay movies and a new reboot of a classic series for your delectation, because they actually look good.

First up is Bros, Billy Eichner's fun rom-com, which set media tongues wagging months ago with the announcement of its almost-all gay cast and crew.

Written by Nicholas Stoller and Billy Eichner, and directed by Stoller, "Bros" is billed as the first gay romantic comedy from a major film studio (Universal Pictures) to feature an all-LGBTQ cast of actors. The film will also have a wide theatrical release.

Eichner's love interest is played by the impossibly handsome Luke Macfarlane, who's even more buff than he was in the lighthearted "Single All the Way." If you haven't watched Macfarlane's sci-fi series "Killjoys," you owe it to yourself to enjoy a few seasons worth of fun.

In the meantime, the "Bros" trailer, with Queen's classic song, "Somebody to Love," shows the film taking some (deserved) potshots at the idea of a supportive LGBTQ "community," as well as confronting straight perceptions of how a gay romantic comedy should be presented. It's sure to be a hit, but we'll have to wait until September 30 to see it.

Streaming on Hulu starting June 3, Joel Kim Booster's Fire Island offers a summer comedy that any visitor to the exclusive beach community will recognize as hilarious but also based in truth.

The story, a loose version of Jane Austen's novel, "Pride and Prejudice," involves a group of Asian gay friends who visit Fire Island and confront the classism and racism of the mostly white A-Gays who rule the party scene on the remote New York beach community. Margaret Cho guest stars as the self-proclaimed 'elder lesbian' and den mother of the group of friends. 'Saturday Night Live' gay fave Bowen Yang (also in "Bros") and Broadway stud Nick Adams are also in the cast.

The reboot of Queer as Folk is set in New Orleans and centers around a Pulse massacre-type shooting at a nightclub. With a fully diverse cast including Devin Way, Billy Sibilly, CG, Ryan O'Connell, trans and people of color actors —even a wheelchair user— the series also guest-stars Kim Cattrall and Juliette Lewis. The series promises to offer a new take on the favorite TV show, and what it takes to overcome tragedy. It airs on NBC's Peacock starting June 9.

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