'Rainbow Tomatoes' highlights LGBT media coverage of historic films

  • by Jim Provenzano
  • Tuesday June 2, 2020
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'Rainbow Tomatoes' highlights LGBT media coverage of historic films

In honor of Pride Month, Rotten Tomatoes, the film and TV review website, focuses on several historic LGBT publications' coverage of historic films, including the Bay Area Reporter.

Other publications that the review site has archived include One Magazine, The Lesbian Tide, Big Mama Rag, Philadelphia Gay News, Transgender Tapestry, and OutWeek.

Historic films reviewed include Maurice, The Birdcage, Making Love, Personal Best, Cruising, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

From the website: "Rotten Tomatoes is celebrating Pride with our new section, Rainbow Tomatoes, where you can find guides to the best and most groundbreaking LGBTQ movies and shows to stream. As part of the celebration, we're spotlighting some of the work our archival team has been doing in bringing more LGBTQ publications into the Tomatometer.

"Read up on these pioneering titles and then read reviews published in their pages, many of which give a fascinating, of-the-moment account of how LGBTQ writers and thinkers responded to some of the most seminal LGBTQ films of the last 50 years."

Check out the coverage on Rotten Tomatoes.

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